“The Corona-crisis represents a major challenge to become” Tim Mälzer “Kitchen Impossible,” on the VOX needs to change massively.

The Coronavirus pandemic also has an impact on the TV program. The consequences relate to now Tim Mälzer *. There is a drastic step in his cooking show “Kitchen Impossible”

Cologne – The Corona-crisis is not also in front of the TV and shows drastic consequences for the TV landscape. Due to the current measures to contain the Virus as some shipments can be as usual produced. The TV industry is facing major problems – the Tim Mälzer gets to feel now.

“Kitchen Impossible” (VOX): Due to Corona – Tim Mälzer cooking Show a drastic step

is Specifically affected his cooking show “Kitchen Impossible” . In the VOX-Show celebrities, stars must cook – or TV chefs in the two countries, a local speciality perfectly to. The duelists moved in the past, in the distant place. So> Tim Mälzer tried <strong in Lima, Peru, for example, of deep-fried seafood, while chef Christian Bau in Accra (Ghana) gave a Erdnussuppe for the Best.

Due to the global consequences of the Corona-pandemic * is no longer traveling in this part of Covid-19 affected countries are simply not possible, which is why Tim Mälzer and VOX to respond now – and the classical concept of the Show to throw over Board.

+ Tim Mälzer chef’s show goes in the future in new ways.©picture alliance/dpa / Bodo Marks

“Kitchen Impossible” (VOX): Mälzer Show in the future almost exclusively in Germany

In the future, you want to limit yourself exclusively to the German gastronomy. On Facebook it says in a Statement: “Now is the Corona-crisis has become a major economic challenge for the entire industry. As a sign of solidarity and, of course, to protect the health of all the rotary people involved, we have therefore decided to let the duels of the next season, mostly in Germany and in German-speaking countries to take place.“

what time is it, specifically, you can go further, remains unclear. In the current Situation, Kitchen Impossible, it is situated in a rotation stop, but “due to the already in force and in prospect of relaxations we assume that we can resume filming in the coming weeks and look forward to many new, exciting duels between Tim Mälzer and his challenge. Who is this and where exactly is this place, we will in time.“

“Kitchen Impossible” (VOX): Tim Mälzer cooking Show is Corona Change – a “Super”

The Fans seem to be able to the drastic step. Post positive comments mostly: “it’s great, there are so many great places in Germany” or “Is also a good advertisement for the local Gastro.”

On VOX there is to see up to the “Kitchen Impossible”-Restart a cooking show. In the case of “Grill the Henssler” * Mälzer chef-mate Steffen Henssler * in front of the camera. In the first episode, however, there was fierce criticism after the even VOX counter-controlled*.

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