Judith Rakers is very excited. Since your hen “honey” has started to hatch, the daily show spokeswoman (ARD) any other subject. Now you even gave nutrition tips for Chicks – not without criticism.

Judith Rakers is a child from the country. Private the 44-Year-old High exchange boots-Heels to rubber. Also, Dirt and mud can harm the daily show spokesperson, who is originally from Paderborn, Germany*, nothing. On Instagram she’s showing her, in the meantime 100.000 followers how to live on their farm near Hamburg. And some animal roommates have done it to Judith Rakers* particularly.

Currently, all hen “honey” and her four Chicks turns in the yard. As Judith Rakers showed now, as she feeds the small, caused you irritation, such as owl24.de* reported.

*Owl24.de is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network.