One of the most important Jazz musicians died at the age of 91 years: Jimmy Cobb. He was the last living musician who had recorded the famous Album “kind of Blue” with.

and Jazz legend Jimmy Cobb died at the age of 91, in New York . He was the last living member of the famous Miles Davis sextet in 1959 to the famous Album “kind Of Blue” with grossed. Jimmy Cobb’s wife that he was suffering from lung cancer.

New York – He was a member of the Ensemble had recorded with Miles Davis is one of the greatest Jazz albums of all time, “kind Of Blue”: Jimmy Cobb.

As his wife Eleane tea Cobb confirmed to the American radio station “NPR”, he died at the age of 91 in New York. His wife that he had suffered from lung cancer. In addition to his wife, behind Cobb also leaves his two daughters.

Jazz legend Jimmy Cobb in New York, died

1929 at Washington, D.C. was born it didn’t take long until Jimmy Cobb a meaningful name as a drummer in the Jazz industry could make. He played with the greats of the music industry such as Billie Holiday, John Coltrane and Miles Davis . With singer Dinah Washington he recorded several Songs, including her highly successful “For Those In Love” .

it was Eventually recorded with Jimmy Cobb in the famous sextet, trumpeter Miles Davis and was reported over a period of five years, part of the regular cast, as well as the “Rolling Stone”. So in 1959, was one of the most commercially successful Jazz albums ever made: “kind Of Blue”.

In 2009, received the Jimmy Cobb in the United States, the highest official award that you can obtain a Jazz musicians . Jimmy Cobb was appointed to the “NEA Jazzmaster”. Until recently, he appeared lost the love for music never. 2019 appears to be his last Album, “This I Dig Of You”.

+ Until recently, Jimmy Cobb music made. In 2019, he released his last Album. ©AFP / by CHRIS gray then

Jazz legend Jimmy Cobb died – call for donations at the beginning of the year

was Already at the beginning of this year, publicly known, that it is bad to Jimmy Cobb’s health. As the German magazine “jazz thing” reported, launched its daughter Serena a call for donations. Accordingly, you are informed that the drummer was sick, and it is also not financially good to him, standing. Within the first few days, almost 50,000 of US were donated dollars.

On Facebook many Fans and companions farewell now. As a Facebook User, for example, writes: “Today, the Greatest of all in the sky flew. The father of the drummer. I had the good fortune to be his students in the years 2006 and 2007.“

Jazz great Doug Lawrence shared memories: “I am deeply saddened by the news that Jimmy passed away last night. The master of all percussion masters. Jimmy was also one of the nicest and most humble musicians I have ever worked with […].

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