That JP Kraemer from Dortmund is well known as a Tuning-Star, he thanks, among other things, a Person. But he had to say goodbye now.

JP Kraemer from Dortmund mourns the loss of a well-known companion . To the death his role models the TV-Tuner has posted an emotional message on Instagram . However, the tuner looks back to the front and also has positive news for its Followers on Instagram.

Dortmund – and have Been for a few years, JP Kraemer* has made his passion – the “Comb” of cars to the profession. However, one of the persons to whom he has to thank for the success as a auto tuner to Dortmund , has died. Therefore , the Chef from JP Performance of him now on Instagram , such as* reported adopted.


Jean Pierre Kraemer

Born in

12. September 1980 (aged 39 years), Plettenberg


comprehensive school in the garden city of Dortmund

JP Kraemer: TV-Tuner from Dortmund, says goodbye to a companion

In the case of the deceased man is Hans Mezger from Porsche . Had not only the organization, but also to Hans Mezger of the 39-Year-old a special relationship, as he reveals on Instagram . Accordingly, the engineer and head of the Motorsport Department of the company a kind of model and Inspiration for TV Star from Dortmund was .

“module Even if it were only four, five, Meet, this, for me, as a tech-savvy person to the most important of my life,” writes JP Kraemer three photos , which show him with Hans Mezger .

Personal words of Tuning-Star, Jean Pierre Kraemer on Instagram

Moreover, the tuner from Dortmund a few words of praise for the engineer from Porsche left. “A man who has prepared the people with his love of technology as much joy to the whole world, is gone from us,” says the 39-Year-old model .

look at> you for this post on Instagram to <p style=" margin:8px 0 0 0; padding:0 4px;" Even if it's only four, five Meetings were included these for me as technology enthusiastic person to the most important of my life. A man who has prepared the people with his love of technology as much joy to the whole world, is gone from us. I'm really gonna miss you. I have enjoyed all of our conversations, we were able to lead very. Maybe you're my devotion to cars even a touch more a gift of love. Many Thanks To Hans Mezger. @porsche

A post shared by Jean Pierre Kraemer (@Jean Pierre Kraemer) on Jun 11, 2020 6:35 PDT

Subsequently, Jean-Pierre Kraemer, who has been thrilled by a spontaneous action at JP Performance in Dortmund and its Fans* finds a very personal and touching words on Instagram . “I’m really gonna miss you. I have enjoyed all of our conversations, we were able to lead very. Maybe you have my devotion to cars even a touch more life. Many thanks to Hans Mezger .”

JP Kraemer and Porsche engineer does not have “common” past

JP Kraemer and head of the Motorsport Department connects only to the love for technology and cars , but also a “common” past. Because, as Hans Mezger the owner of JP Performance long time for Porsche .

+ Both TV-Tuner JP Kraemer as well as engineer Hans Mezger at Porsche career.┬ęChristoph Schmidt/dpa

There he not only attended his training as an automotive merchant, but also collected his first experiences in the area of Tuning , so that he even worked as a sales Manager at Porsche tuner 9ff to Dortmund .

In the

Fans of JP Kraemer on Instagram-item shocked by the sad message

Therefore, it is no wonder, the photos by Jean-Pierre Kraemer in the prototype of cars show Hans Mezger . Also its Fans are affected by the death of the engineer and remember him.

gt86carlife writes: “Very sad news. I take my hat off to a man.” jan.deadtona expresses his sympathy: “May he rest in peace. My condolences to all that mourn.” to mike.bln is shocked by the sad news: “How surprising. Rest in Peace.” black_b58 writes: “Thank you for the enrichment in my life.” nico_ursowebde shows affected. “Very words of love. Sad to hear that Mr. Mezger is gone. Rest in peace.”

Even though this is a sad loss to JP Kraemer , he seems to be today (12. June) to look forward again. In his Instagram Story he’s even had positive news for its Fans . Because after the TV-Tuner, and probably the heaviest of the year, mti JP Performance is going through because of the Coronavirus currently*, was rather rare at Instagram active, he wants to change now.

JP Kraemer: Tuning Star power of hope with the news to his Followers

“I hope you’re in good health. I’m now a bit more Instagram , ” he promises. He makes his critics even an announcement. “If someone says’ Jean-Pierre get the fuck out’, then I’ll do it, of course”.

But the nearly 889 Thousand subscribers his success on Instagram law and would therefore probably be more Videos from the life of the Tuning-Stars from Dortmund .

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