The Klosterbrauerei Reutberg it is in the Corona-crisis “in the circumstances”. Brewery head August Maerz describes the situation: “It could be worse.” However, 2020 will probably be the weakest year for the cooperative.

Sachsenkam – “The times are anything other than beautiful,” but August to March is confident. “We sell more bottled beer than before the crisis”, says the Chairman of the Board of the country brewery. He is happy with the team at the Reutberg, that the customers will now attack seems to have strengthened regional products. “Because we are able to thank us,” says Maerz. “Sales are going exceptionally well.” The Reutberger drivers have to do well, to bring enough beer-makers in the many drinks markets and Depots.

Broken away from the monastery brewery are all great fixed

Broken away of the brewery, however, the big festivals. Alone, 2019 Reutberg has supplied 14 beer tents in the Region. All the own Josefifest. The tradition of the event had this year, from 13. to 22. March planned to take place. Already at the beginning of March, the Festival was cancelled at the last Minute. “We got a black eye,” says Maerz. You’ve only had a couple of expenses.

And what makes the brewery with the Josefibock? Even these often-asked question was long since answered. “We sold everything,” says Maerz. The Josefifest prepared strong beer is in a bottle. The pallets with beer-makers were sold in a trice. “That was fabulous.” March had recommended the Josefibock as a “preventive cure against the Coronavirus”. The have taken some to heart, believes the brewery-in-chief.

“If it goes well, we will come with a Zero on the round.”

Dark of the Gastro-area looks so far. The monastery brewery supplies up to 80 economies and huts in the Region. “From mid-March to mid-may, we will have no one.” According to the March one has taken a barrel of beer, even to the part again. On ice, the Export of sun as before. Reutberg provides, among other things, to the Tyrol, South Tyrol and Northern Italy. August Maerz appreciates the break currently has around 1000 hectoliters.

The Reutberger year emissions is the sole property of the own beer up to 22 000 hectolitres. Especially in 2019, it went well. “It was the second-best emissions since the 1970s,” says Maerz. He would have reported in to the General Assembly of the cooperative members. As well as the profit for the year of 170 000 Euro. How it will look like this year, is not yet foreseeable. “If it goes well, then we come up with a Zero on the round.” According to the cooperatives regulations applicable to Reutberg would have to hold until the end of June, a General meeting of shareholders. It was but for the time being 31. August due to the rules, is not possible. In addition, you can stop at the prescribed distance regulations has not had a meeting with around 2000 visitors. “Because we need the Olympic stadium,” says Maerz. Currently there are different variants to be tested legally. “It could even happen, so Corona wants us to submit Josef fixed-2021 two balance-sheets – for 2019 and 2020.”

for the brewery comes without short-time work

The brewery is currently still without a short-time work to make ends meet. “We have reduced Overtime and holidays,” says Maerz. So have, as yet, earned any of his money. The production will stay throttled. In normal years, will produce this early-summer time in up to three layers, to meet the growing thirst of the members and customers to breastfeed. March hopes that the catering industry can take the loose again and comes to your much-needed revenue. “What we may need, under any circumstances, a Corona setback would be.”

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