The two children, who were left on the street in Aarhus, it has good, but is affected by the situation, says the director.

The two children that Saturday evening was found abandoned in Aarhus, the in the circumstances well, says social and beskæftigelsesdirektør Erik Kaastrup-Hansen from Aarhus Municipality.

– They are of course affected by the situation. They are among the unknown children and to relate to adults, there also is unknown.

– But under the circumstances, they have it good, says the director of the children, who are now located on a municipal family centre.

the Children are, according to the director, healthy and velsoignerede, and they exhibit a normal behavior for children of a similar age.

– But, of course, affected by what has happened, says the director at a press conference at police headquarters Monday afternoon in Aarhus.

the Children are probably of afghan descent, but it has not yet managed to communicate through an interpreter with them.

the Boy, who is estimated to be two and a half years, and the girl, who is estimated to be a year old, in the legal sense hittebørn.

– When there is talk about hittebørn, then it means that there is no parental responsibility.

– It means that we have the sheer focus to help the children and give the children the care they need, says Erik Kaastrup-Hansen.

– We have a focus on to ensure as much comfort as possible and as few people around them as possible, he says.

Police are investigating the case and have arrested a 54-year-old woman, who allegedly is in the family with the children.

She was arrested on Sunday evening for a place in Aarhus and manufactured on Monday afternoon in grundlovsforhør in the Court in Aarhus.

Even if it were to succeed in locating the parents, it is according to the social and beskæftigelsesdirektøren too early to say whether the family can be reunited.

– It will depend on a concrete assessment. For what is decisive is whether the who has parental responsibility, can take care of the children’s security and care.

– If there is talk about Danish nationals, so it is something we need to assess, in close dialogue with the foreign office and the country’s social security authorities, says the director.

He calls the case unique:

– I have never seen a case of this nature where two very young children being left behind on the street. Never.