It is the (cheap)sausage: The pitiful appearance of a representative of the meat industry in the minds of “Hard but fair” the compassion of the presenter Frank Plasberg.

In slaughterhouses, there are always infections with the Coronavirus In the case of Frank Plasberg in the program “tough but fair” the conditions in the meat industry To discuss briefly the Well-being of the animals

The Corona-crisis promotes in many ways, social ills, particularly to light. So infections with the Coronavirus in battle since some weeks stations the headlines. In many companies, the working conditions precarious, and the employees are in mass accommodation. The result is that you will not be able to comply with minimum clearances. the Frank Plasberg asks on his show “ tough but fair ” (ARD*) this week because of this, “Corona in the slaughterhouse – Are us humans and the animals sausage?”.

“Hart Aber fair” with Frank Plasberg tried too many topics to cover

As so often, is trying to Frank Plasberg to many topics in a broadcast accommodate. This time the question of the Animal suffering including. The discussion about precarious conditions of work and accommodation of employees from Eastern Europe dominated the show “hard but fair” (ARD). Anette Dowideit, investigative journalist in the WORLD, explains the properties of the employed were in part “the right junk property”, for which people would pay high prices. To keep your distance in the accommodations and in the workplace, as well as would not always provided, and protective clothing.

Frank Plasberg in the “Hard but fair” brings to the Minister of labour, Hubertus Heil, in the discussion

This assessment of the Reporter of the German radio, Manfred Götzke supported. For a report he was with Romanian guest-workers of the company West meat, he gave it a Corona outbreak. The people in quarantine knew not whether they would ever be fed. Only those who had money available, have been supplied according to the Götzke with food. That you don’t have a lot of money, calculates the Journalist is impressive: After deduction of all the costs you would have left at the end of the month, about 600 to 700 Euro gross. And the with significantly more than 40 hours per week. the Frank Plasberg (ARD) is at this point of his duty as a Moderator and Minister of labour, Hubertus Heil, turns in the discussion. So for the first Time in the evening to a productive exchange between the guests.

healing reaffirmed the commitment of the Federal government to prohibit contracts and temporary Agency workers in the meat industry. “The nested structure with various sub-contractors is the root of the problem”, so healing. In relation to the meat industry, he says: “This is organised irresponsibility”. The various subcontractors in the meat industry trick, according to the healing laws, to pay people under minimum wage.

“Hard but fair”: The representatives of the meat industry is protected

a representative of the meat industry sits Fortunately in the broadcast to refer to these accusations, you might think as a spectator. From the mouth of Heiner Manten, Chairman of the Association of the meat industry (VDF) comes first, but only necking. His pathetic appearance aroused even the pity of the moderator. In an attempt to elicit Manten a few reasonable words, it allows Frank Plasberg however, an embarrassing Faux-Pas. In utter disregard of the Minimum distance he has to talk to the managing Director of Manten-meat well. “I don’t want you here badly.” So a Mimimi to a man, the alleged precarious employment and housing arrangements, apparently, nothing Fundamental has to oppose, not just fits to the name of the show “hard but fair”.

found His language again emphasizes Manten only to keep violations of the minimum wage law, nothing. His testimony, the worker at Manten-meat would be paid according to the minimum wage, sees the WORLD-a journalist, skeptical. This information was far above the average in the Rest of the industry, so Dowideit. In addition, Manten specifies that reports of accommodation in mass accommodation, and not to believe the terrible sanitary conditions in these. “These are individual cases,” says Manten. He speaks as a representative of the meat industry reluctant to take on these abuses, is understandable; by doing so, as there would be virtually no Problem, he completely implausible.

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“hard but fair”: The show with Frank Plasberg in the ARD-Mediathek.