Greta Thunberg described on the Radio, the experiences of their trip around the world – to hear, to open the revulsion is against the great policy. A prominent role of Angela Merkel is playing.

With a trip around the world in terms of climate, Greta Thunberg had made 2019 headlines. The Swedish Radio-the activist gave a look behind the Scenes of world politics. A direct positive role receives German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Stockholm/München – From mid-June to mid-August, Sweden is in a kind of permanent vacation, even without Corona, the schools pause for a whopping two months. During the Scandinavian summer, the state Radio SR maintains a special Tradition: In the transmitter P1 celebrities get a good hour of transmission time assigned. Recently, Greta Thunberg to the series.

The climate activist* has inserted here, not a small summer resort on the microphone – but now, shortly before their return to the school, a ernüchtertes judgment on the policy in all over the world like. An explicit page to the German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) got bat in the process.

Greta Thunberg complains about big politics – Angela Merkel, plays a main role

occasion of the critique of tuna Bergs is reported that well-known appearance before the United Nations in New York (*). In the “green room” of the United Nations you have to actually want to go to their speech, reminiscent of the climate activist in the, in English, available for shipment. To do this, it can be, however, because politicians and heads of state led to a series of “small talk and Selfies” want.

Only UN Secretary-General António Guterres you mentioned. “Then it’s up to Chancellor Angela Merkel to congratulate me, to take a photo and ask me if it’s okay to post it on Instagram.” In consequence, a queue had formed in front of your seat – new Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern around not even come before the Start of the debate on the series.

Angela Merkel and Greta Thunberg: “Smalltalk and Selfies” at the United Nations

A, apparently, also of Merkel with the expressed Situation, which describes Thunberg, with some indignation. “You have seen me, and thus the Chance to have a photo shoot with me for her Instagram Account,” she said. “Maybe you can be the shame to forget that their Generation and all future generations in the lurch. I suppose that might help sleeping at night.“

+ A photo of the above scene: Angela Merkel meets Greta Thunberg in New York – the photo was disseminated through the Twitter Account of the government spokesman Steffen Seibert.©dpa / Twitter @Jescossia

However, the stresses Thunberg, had not it been Merkel alone: “ presidents, Prime Ministers, kings and princesses all came to me and wanted to talk to me.” The conclusion of the activist is bitter: For congratulations and celebrations, there had been no cause – “a further Meeting is over and all that remains are empty words.”

Greta Thunberg: criticism of Trumps USA, but also in Canada

On their much-acclaimed climate-a journey through half the world, the teenager looks with a certain disillusionment. All that is left of her speech at the UN to hang, be stated the words “how dare you,” she said.

the climate of the political situation in the North American countries complained Thunberg – and explicitly not only Donald trump* United States , but also as a progressive force Canada from Premier Justin Trudeau .

Greta Thunberg irritated about US-Deputy – appeal to people all over the world

So it would only be in the United States , the “richest country in the world”, “with the exception of a few wind turbines and Solar Panels, no signs of a sustainable change”. In the Oil-industry-dominated canadian province of Alberta, you have required however, even with multiple police protection, “if the Level of threats and sheer harassment to be serious”.

Open ridicule had the young Swede for the U.S. house of representatives left. “Fast Food chains, hamburgers, candy and ice cream stores” – “here you will find the most powerful decision-makers in the world, as they sit there in their suits and pink Milkshakes to drink, Junk food and candy to eat”, she describes the Scenery in the “Food Court” of Parliament in Washington.

Thunberg renewed at the same time, their urgent appeal to people all over the world: Should it still have a small Chance to reach out to the States to arms objectives agreed, should go to the emission curve 2020 drastically down. “We must now do the seemingly impossible. And that is your and my task. Because no one else will do it for us.“

The 17-Year-old was reported recently also with harsh criticism of the German climate policy and for dealing with the Corona-pandemic expressed. (fn) * is part of the Ippen-Digital network.

section list image:©dpa / Twitter @Jescossia