In the Wake of the Corona pandemic were upgraded to leisure PCs and kitchens converted into offices. Without proper technical equipment for the work at home can be quick tedious.

Munich (dpa/tmn) – Since the outbreak of the Corona pandemic in mid-March, more and more employers have sent their employees to the home office and in-person Meetings as much as possible through Audio and video conferencing replaced. The prerequisite for this is the appropriate technique, however, is.

it starts with The screen. “A good size for a Monitor around 27 inch, as the are hardly more expensive than the 24-inch models,” says Wolfgang Pauler by the specialist magazine “Chip”. In the resolution, at least Full should be selected-HD.

the screen is Placed, in principle, so that no reflections occur, and the light falls from the side, advises the Association of German operating and work physicians (VDBW). “He who works with a Laptop, should, if possible, use a separate screen”, so VDBW-Doctor Anette choice-awake village. “The improved ergonomics of the whole work situation.”

Sensible screens start at about 200 euros, according to the above, there are hardly any limits. In front of the Monitor-buying a look at the interfaces of the Laptops or PCs is required. Because: “If the connections do not fit, needs to be an Adapter bought,” said Pauler. In addition, the Monitor should be height adjustable and tiltable. Ideally, the upper edge of the screen is at eye level.

pros and cons of Laptop and PC

In the case of the fundamental decision between a Laptop and a Desktop PC must Pauler, especially in the office situation in the home office are taken into account. “The great advantage of Laptops is its portability, so you are not set on a place of work. The advantage of the PCs, in turn, the more favorable the price is.” An Office PC spent around 400 to 500 Euro, notebook 100 Euro are more expensive. However, it should be expected that the PC will still have a screen.

“On the other side are the Notebook Displays for long-term ergonomic Working at home in General too small,” says Pauler. A “healthier” workplace leave, therefore, mostly with an external Monitor set up. Who works over a longer period of time with a Laptop, you should get an external keyboard and a mouse.

the appropriate technology For a worker do not need to go on a shopping spree. Since the employer is in principle the duty. “To the workers of the private engineering to the completion of his work in the home office, he is entitled to a refund only if the acquisition is predominantly in the employer’s interest,” says Kerstin Gröne, a lawyer for labor law, Cologne. “Used existing Equipment, often working with packages.”

Also for the necessary work safety the employer must provide. “The Home-work constitutes, in principle, as a workplace and the workplace in the operation of the building,” says Gröne. A faster Internet connection is missing, the employee could not expect, however, that the will provided by the company. “Such a connection is used in the rule is also private, to the extent to be agreed extent to which the employer is involved in it,” says Gröne.