The border police has Partenkirchen caught in Garmisch-a twelve-year-old with Cannabis. His 15-year-old buddy had a Joint in the pocket.

Garmisch-Partenkirchen – Because the police officers were amazed: officers found on Saturday evening in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, in the case of a twelve-year-old student marijuana. That was not enough, His friend (15) had a Joint in the pocket. The veil investigators of the border police Murnau controlled the young people of the valley road.

parents stunned

The two students were handed over to their parents. These were given the marijuana-finds completely stunned and surprised. Ultimately, they were relieved that their children are “blown”, they are now of their drug use and educational intervention can know. The youth welfare office and the Prosecutor’s office were immediately informed.

police warn of dangers of

police warns against the dangers associated with the consumption of Cannabis. The drug is classified as dangerous, because their “effect is underestimated the most. This is especially true in terms of the psychological dependence and the problematic removal time of the drug active ingredient, THC,“ stresses head of Department Thomas Haberger. In addition, due to breeding, the THC content to follow in the cultivation of cannabis since the 1960s, the ten-fold increased. The risk of permanent brain damage for daily consumption is scientifically proven and in the case of young people is particularly high.

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