Animal use for Freising police officers: A strip of the crew had to deal with on Thursday to a bold, unteachable men duck family, who had gone on trips.

Freising – such use there is not all the days: On Thursday it got to do with the Freisinger traffic police with a duck family. A Patrol was against 13.10 at the Ismaninger street in the clemen singers-Ring-on-the-go. The officials saw it – as it turned out, not for the last Time – a little duck family that was about to cross the street. “Between the Chicks and the secure port of a curb, the rail for the next generation of the family to be insurmountable, but it was still,” reads the police report. With a little help of the officials, the animals were able to overcome the obstacle, “and the ducks went happily on their way”.

So that the history was not passed, but even to the end: As the stripes crew a few minutes later for the second Time in the place, there were the day trippers, apparently, on the return trip: This Time the duck family camped on the green strip between the two lanes. Since the officials had to step in, however: “As this was for the duck family is no (safe) place to stay longer, was given to the duck family is a place of reference,” reported police Commissioner Philipp Bucher. But this they did not, despite many requests. “They were seemingly unimpressed and gave all their attention to the flowering Meadow.”

Happy ending for ducks

to help A Passerby who had observed the Situation in the meantime, offered a box to transport the animal. Finally, there was a Happy ending: “The offer from the police to the area of the Isar brought, could not resist the duck family and they agreed all. The duck mother showed, after the shipments clear, and gave, walks in the future on field and meadow paths to limit.” ft

news in the district of Freising

A man from the market in Au is considered “Patient zero” in the district of Freising. His son (7) tested negative, an antibody Test was positive. The father is now conjecture.

The citizens ‘ Association in Freising has been fighting for years: The district conducts at the airport now ultra-fine dust measurements. District administrator Helmut Petz speaks of a “unique Situation”.