Of football is divided over Corona. During the season for ladies, gentlemen and Junior will continue in September, ends for the juniors now.


County mind games in the pros, a nationwide season of crashes in almost all regional associations except Bavaria and Thuringia in the Amateur – football in Germany is shown in the time window of the Corona-pandemic split. The BFV is now driving a two-pronged approach: While the current continues to be exposed to competitions in the women’s, men’s and Junior women, although at the earliest on 1. September, but still continued to be, for the age classes of G – to-A-youth terminated prematurely in the evening and the season 2019/20.

On the exciting and long-fermenting question of how promotion and relegation will be handled, presented the participants of the “solutions working group (LAG) operation of the game League and Cup juniors” now, the answers: The best placed of the rise of a legitimate team in the majority of cases, therefore, the respective class – climbs a League higher. In competitions where a club is provided some space to the top, climbing the second-placed with.

should, However, fall many Clubs around the descent question from a purely sporting point of view, a stone from the heart, because only so far, point is lots of Teams will be in the future, emergence of the lower floor. From the district of the only affects D-youth of the SC Freising:The U 13 from the Luitpold facility ranked with zero points on the table at the end of the circle class Freising.

But what to do when the Teams have completed for the determination of a fair table image, a different number of Games? A quotient will endeavour scheme, it means of BFV-side, that is to say, the number of points achieved is divided by the amount of games played, and the calculated value, then sorts the tabular order.

TSV Allershausen: U 15 knew that it will be a hard season


If under the current conditions with a stoppage of play and only a limited training operation at all of the “winners” of this scheme can be spoken, and may, you will beimTSV Allershausen find. Both the D-youth in the circle class Pfaffenhofen as well as the U 15 as a table, the last of the circle of the League of the Danube/Isar are on a rule-descent space. Clearly, in the majority of leagues the complete rear would be to play a round, and thus nothing had been decided. “If you want to make it fair, helps just this in-between view on the tables,” says Daniel Baller. The U-15 of TSV have taken up the challenge in the circle of the League and before the start of the season knew that, “it will be a tough season”.

TSV youth leader looks at the moment but quite other problems than the respective League affiliation to the clubs to come. “Without football, it is very difficult for all, the Motivation to uphold”, is shooting to consider. “It is simply the danger of losing one or the other of the players.” Because it’s not going to be trained in Allershausen currently. “The limitations have to do with football,” says the young chef. “It is also for the Trainer is difficult, if not impossible, to take care of children and adolescents under the circumstances.” So, not the game class, the main focus here, but rather the opportunity to play at all time football again applicable.

TSV Eching, however, youth Director Florian Uffinger is shown from a sporting point of view, not at all happy with the season termination. “We wanted to attack with some of our Teams in the second round again,” says Uffinger. Specifically, the U 15 it was a pity. The Team as a current third with a game less than second-placed SE Freising had, of all things, there are still chances on the rise in the district of upper League.

“The second half we could have quiet play, analogous to the Mr area,” says the youth leader of the Zebras, and also refers to the amount of now in record time, and the organization of work. “Now the new season must be planned and prepared,” explains Uffinger upcoming tasks. “Since it is now a formations together to make children who don’t know any yet.” Because a joint get-to-know training, as it leads to some club after the Whitsun holidays for the future vintages under normal circumstances, by may this year – at least in a known Form – will not give.

SE Freising: C-juniors have to> bite the bullet

+ <p class="id-Article-content-item-box-text" But back to the circle of the League of the Danube/Isarder C-juniors. Even more annoying than the Zebras got it in the SE Freising:The team lost a week prior to the first Advent, the point is the same top SV Walpertskirchen with 0:1, lost whether of a direct comparison between the table of leadership. But since only the master rises regularly, would have to bite the Domstädter the bullet and put it in the new season again to taste.

“This is really a hardship,” says SEF-young boss Manuel Esch, “and we therefore do not advise us of these days, if we make a request to Mitaufstieg to the BFV.”

Nevertheless, Esch understands the decision to cancel the season. “Just the vintage shifts make the next play in the youth is very complex,” says Esch, but regrets that the BFV had left so much time with the “logical decision”. “It was easy to see earlier. Now the clubs need to put together in the shortest possible time, new coaches and Teams.“

likely to achieve Something more relaxed, however, in the coming weeks with the leaders in girls ‘ football. For Young footballers it goes analog to the adult area, at the earliest, in September, with the current competitions. Subject to regulatory approvals, the weekend 12./13. September for the “Re-Start” target. The Junior inside the game retain the right in their respective age class up to the “new” end of the season. For the 2004 Vintage, which is before the transfer to the adult, is the LAG on the search for a solution – the outcome is pending.

Over all, the crucial question of when the Ball will finally roll again but. However, this date is not the BFV, but the Ministry determined. The feast, however, is that the succession season is not played as a round Robin. As it is – whenever – a “simple round” To give with regular promotion and relegation.

Jochen Jürgens