farmer wants a wife: farmer Uwe from the district of Kassel with power at the RTL-dome show. The horse fool Inka Bause of his Saloon.

“Bauer sucht Frau” set up back love a great farmers With Uwe is also a horse fool from the district of Kassel at the Start Now he shows presenter Inka Bause his Saloon

Kreis Kassel – TV-Germany breathe a sigh of relief: Soon is finally running again, “farmer wants a wife” on TV. The transmitter RTL was recently introduced to the farmers in the 16. Season of the TV-duration burner in search of the big love. Game: horse fool Uwe (54) from the district of Kassel*. The invited Inka Bause (of 51) in his Saloon, as* reported.

“farmer wants a wife”: Cowboy Uwe from Kassel is

+ the horse: “farmer wants a wife”-the candidate Uwe is a true Cowboy.©RTL/TVNOW

“farmer wants a wife” is one of the classics in the German entertainment television. The broadcast flickered for the first time in 2005 on RTL screens. Since then, the Format of the best rates enjoys and has a loyal fan base. Will host the Soap Inka Bause. The blonde is a tireless love angels and tries to find for every pot and a matching lid. With success: More than 30 marriages have been closed for “Bauer sucht Frau” already. Now Cowboy Uwe from Kassel to the series.

“farmer wants a wife”: Uwe from Kassel Inka Bause shows his Saloon

But Inka Bause shy to show a clear edge. Unforgettable, as you Macho farmer Michael in “Bauer sucht Frau” the Levites, the las, after it came out that he had cheated on the lovely Carina. Those Inka Bause sitting recently in a Cowboy Uwe from the district of Kassel, in the Saloon, and should not have been amazed – because on the tables were empty liquor bottles .

Whoops – is in the RTL docu-Soap about a farmer who drinks very gladly times one over the thirst? No, it is fortunately quite different. The empty liquor bottles for “Bauer sucht Frau” Uwe from the district of Kassel, in the Saloon of a farmer as a decoration on the tables. Makes sense in a Cowboy Saloon, where, sooner spit bucket, and sometimes sharp shot was given. The RTL-makers, however, have reversed the labels, so it is not immediately apparent is what whisky brand, the decoration.

“farmer wants a wife”: Uwe from Kassel wants to cuddle

+ On his farm in the Kreis of Kassel has the “farmer wants a wife”-the farmer had several horses.©RTL/TVNOW

Clear> Uwe from the district of Kassel With <strong goes for "farmer wants a wife" is an extremely lovable farmer at the Start. The 54-Year-old is set to country music, attacks prompt self to the guitar and says: "I miss the togetherness. Just, if you come in the evening to rest, missing someone to cuddle and love." Those who are interested in Uwe, can apply for RTL . Just send an E-Mail to

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Matthias Hoffmann

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