pictures of home, Away, and Champions League are circulating Jersey of FC Bayern in the network. The Munich-based go soon so hunting for goals? Here are the pictures.

The jerseys of FC Bayern Munich* for the new season were leaked. the home – and-away dress circulating for quite some time on the Internet. Now, two designs for the Champions-League-Jersey showed up.

Update from the 6. June 2020: After photos of the new home and away kits of FC Bayern showed up on the Internet (see below), provides the usually reliable site “” now, the Champions-League-Jersey of the German record master. The page presents two designs, which, allegedly, only by the last test. One is, therefore, but already certain: Bayern are re-emergence as a ” Bestia Negra “.

The black Jersey from elegantly shaded, grey diamonds refined. Supplier Adidas and Sponsor Telekom will not destroy the image with subtle white and grey Logos. The colorful organization coat-of-arms stands out in his Red and Blue from the duochromen design. The possible Alternative moves with a more uniform image.

is not Large, the difference between two jerseys so. But the white club Logo is the second draft, but again a very different Touch. The Bayern Fans on Twitter are fire and flame for both shirts. The Version with white FCB Badge seems to have the nose slightly in front.

Which of the two jerseys would you love to see most, if the Stars of FC Bayern* go to next season in the Premier-class title hunt? Vote!

FC Bayern: Secret photos showed up – to see the New jerseys of a sudden on the Internet

Update from 10. May 2020: two days Ago, there was a surprising pictures of the alleged new Bayern home jerseys (see Update of 8. May). Now a photo to show the new Away Jersey the German record champion has been circulating on Twitter . Has published it, the page Footy Headlines, which in the past was Frequently right with your early Jersey announcements.

See the Fans of FC Bayern so here is actually the new away shirt? The people of Munich go to foreign stadiums soon in a grey heathered Leiberl hunting for goals? With a confirmation on the part of the club is probably to be expected only in the preparation for the new season – especially since the Munich currently have other things to Worry about: We take a look at the winners and losers of the corona-induced forced break.

FC Bayern: Internet-Leak – New Jersey showed up? It is reminiscent of earlier playing time

Update from the 8. May 2020: about a month Ago photos of the new Bayern jerseys appeared (see first message). Now there is another picture that the allegedly new Jersey of the German record Champions should show.

On Twitter has been circulating an image, the new home Jersey is present. It comes in a predominantly red look as well as white stripes on the sides.

Overall, it strongly reminds us of the home Jersey of the 2016-17 season , also if the collar was then a other.

+ For comparison: The home of the 2016-17 season Jersey, worn here in the Bundesliga against Schalke.©dpa / Federico Gambarini

FC-Bayern jerseys for the coming season? So you should look

first message from the 11. April 2020: Munich – we Get here around the new jerseys Bayern Munich in front of your eyes? It is still not officially known, as the Jersey of the German record Champions – will look to whether he will continue to be title holders or not – in the upcoming season 2020/2021 .

appeared, however, the first images on the net that could give a taste of the Leiberl of the master series of the Isar. The main color of the home jerseys, therefore, is again Red , how could it be otherwise? The slanted stripes on the chest come in dark blue and White therefore, you want to go, so presumably in the Allianz Arena starting in the autumn of the current year, hunting for goals:

+ of Course, in Red: we See here the FC Bayern home Jersey for the coming season?©FKN

New away Bayern Jersey? White with gray Sleeves

is Not only to admire the supposed home shirt on the site to. Also is the shell for the away games of Bayern Munich will be revealed. This Jersey would mainly be held in White , an elegant contrast to the Sleeves in grey . A bit reminiscent of a DFB Jersey. A tribute to the home of the Bavarian free state will be according to the pictures also In the upper part of the foreign courts, provided game clothing we can see a diamond pattern, in imitation of the national flag:

+ White, grey and a bit of red: the supposed away shirt of Bayern Munich in the season 2020/21.©FKN

New FCB jerseys usually before the summer break – And this time?

On the country’s largely unknown site> new game clothing mockery be called for the <strong cheap prices – of course, it is a maximum of counterfeit. Will be riding the players of coach Hansi Flick, was furnished by his employer with a new working paper, with these jerseys is your duty games the best? The Outfit is usually presented before the start of the summer break officially from FC Bayern and his the criticism concerning equipment supplier Adidas . As it will be in the currently dormant, special time, is not yet clear…

a few months Ago, the presentation of the new jerseys of the national team of Adidas caused laughter in the network. Two-game name of the DFB protagonists were written incorrectly:


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