FC Bayern Munich: Thomas Müller and Robert Lewandowski after the win over VfL Wolfsburg remarkable words. The voices of the game.

The FC Bayern* won with 4:0 (2:0) when VfL Wolfsburg are Already ahead of the game, the FCB as a German, the master Robert Lewandowski and Thomas Müller found then the emotional words

Munich – That the FC Bayern* for the eighth Time in a row, the German championship will get fixed before the game when VfL Wolfsburg* . Nevertheless, the force of Hansi Flick* at the 34 had. Round not go, and won in the end fully deserved 4:0 (2:0). In the Bundesliga relegation battle, however, it was pure drama.

Thomas Müller , the the 1:0 of Kingsley Coman (4.) hung up, set the assist record in the Bundesliga* , and expanded this even. Then, the 30-Year-old emotional words.

Robert Lewandowski* was again in the record books. The Pole scored his 34. Goal of the season* and, understandably, was then also very happy.

We have taken the voices of the game in Sky together.

FC Bayern defeated Wolfsburg – Lewandowski is happy about a record

Robert Lewandowski (FC Bayern) on …

… the season: “The first two, three months ago, we had a couple of problems. But we have always believed in us. According to the Corona-break, we have convinced and great football shown.“

… his 34 goals this season: “excited About the 34 goals for me, of course, but I am annoyed that I missed three games. But I’m very, very proud of. Many thanks to my team-mates. It was a difficult season and the first months were hard. In the end, it was very strong of us.“

… the probability that he breaks Gerd müller’s record (40 goals) at some point: “I think it’s a different time. You can’t compare the to each other. What I did, it was still a great performance. That is what we managed as a team with 100 hits, which is really great.“

FC Bayern defeated with a record-Müller, VfL Wolfsburg

Thomas Müller (FC Bayern) on …

… the Handing over of the championship trophy: “We knew what to expect. It is of course different. You are not accustomed to, of course, like to be in such a Situation.“

… the sequel to the Corona-break: “Initially, it was skeptical. But the biggest thanks goes to the Fans out there that love football. Of course, the game is just as intense. But without the Fans, what it is, of course, different.“

… his personal conclusion: “The autumn was not easy, both for the club and for me. So it was after my first championship with perhaps the most special, the most intense, the most emotional. It was discovered that the young players listen to a somehow. I’m usually far from Proud of, but people would probably call something like that.“

Hansi Flick thrilled with the Bayern – Wolfsburg Coach Glasner

Hansi Flick (coach, Bayern) congratulates on …

… the championship: “I’m just proud of how we have presented to us in the past few months. The season has been perfect for us. We were of course very relieved that we were able to play to the Corona-Pause more. The Bundesliga is because in Europe the previous, also it was an outstanding performance. Insofar, this is a very special championship for us.“

FC Bayern wins in Wolfsburg, captain of New enthusiastic

Manuel Neuer (captain, FC Bayern) on …

… the season: “I don’t think we have seen in the Hinserie the of Bavaria, as we have seen in the return series. I think we are all responsible, that we are back up and that we have really come back strong now.“

Oliver Glasner (Trainer,VfL Wolfsburg) on…

… the game: “this Time the Bavarians were a number too big for us. In its current Constitution, they are defending very difficult to the width of your squad is enormous. We lacked against a team of this quality is simply the impact, we have to played inaccurate. With a ranking of seven, we have reached our goal of the season, although we would have liked to defend the sixth place.“

… the season: “makes Me proud of what has been done by the team. The way we set the opponent under pressure and game have shown joy, has made me from game to game a lot of fun. That makes me proud. This gives us an incentive. We hope that in the next season the spectators are back and that we can repeat something.“

FC Bayern celebrates championship – Seifert with remarkable words

Christian Seifert (managing Director of the German football League) on …

… the end of the season: “dear players of FC Bayern Munich. This is a special Moment. But this is also a very strange Moment. So a season, not all have yet experienced. No spectators, no cheers, no whistles – it’s a strange atmosphere. But we will finish today, our championship is a great achievement. I would thank all of you: in the Clubs, the players, the Fans – without them we would not be here today. I know that all teams have tried in the last few weeks to bring under the most difficult conditions top performance. So you have contributed to the fact that all 36 Clubs in the DFL have survived this Phase of the crisis.“

… the games without Fans: “Yes, it looks different, it looks, sounds different, and it feels different. But that was the only League that was possible. And the new season will at least look at the beginning of the same.“(smk) *tz.de is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital-network