Under Hansi Flick, the young players have a Chance at Bayern. Sports Director Salihamidzic explained the reasons for the young-Boom.

Since Hansi Flick the coaching reins at the Bayern has assumed more and more young players in the first team. The second team played an outstanding debut season in the 3. League. the sports Director Salihamidzic explains the success and how he imagines the perfect Junior Kicker.

Munich, – With Joshua Zirkzee (19), Sarpreet Singh (21) and Oliver Batista-Meier (19) were allowed on the Saturday three Junior staff on the official photo of the FC Bayern* pose. All Three helped Bayern coach Hansi Flick* in the past weeks and months, to the Bundesliga debut. In Parallel, the Bayern Amateurs riding on the third-League’s wave of success, after the 2:1 victory on the weekend in Jena, continue to be on the first place. Bavaria is experiencing a never-before-seen Junior-Boom .

FC Bayern: Salihamidzic Hansi Flicks the promotion of young talent: “he helps the club very much,”

But how come? the sporting Director Hasan Salihamidzic establishes the opposite of the tz so: “It is the interaction of many factors, starting with the vintage quality. the Sebastian Hoeness (coach Bayern-Amateur, NB. d. Red.) has accepted this difficult task and translated perfectly. He had to learn to plan week to week, because a part of his players, has coached in the pros and was also used respectively in the squad stand.

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This is, in turn, have been an advantage, because guys like Zirkzee, Richards, Batista-Meier, Musiala, Dajaku and may on the level of our professionals will be able to develop.“ A decisive contribution to the positive development in the youth sector, Salihamidzic also credits his professional Trainer: “ Hansi Flick relies much on the young talent as he helps the club and the Campus very. In addition, the Trainer can understand the NLZ, Holger Seitz makes a great Job here. So, the package is right, and the result we see is also based on the performance of our Teams, in front of the 3.-League-Team.“

FC Bayern: Salihamidzic wants to Bavarian Junior kicker in the squad – “That’s what we need for our identity”

Also the Campus-Kicker from the rays currently have a huge attractiveness – both within the club and the Fans. the Salihamidzic says: “The FC Bayern has, since he moved into the Bundesliga climb, always young players to the professionals, and thus the character of the team dominated. We need to get.“

The sports Director even goes a step further and says: “It must be our goal, also, once again, a the Bavarian boys due to a Thomas Müller , which we need for our identity . And, of course, it makes economic sense to invest in young talent and develop the quality of self, instead of buy only.“

FC Bayern: Klose rises in first-team coach post at the Campus already clarified

Upcoming season is set to Trainer-level at the Campus a certain amount of upheaval. This has to do in the first place so that Miroslav Klose instead will work as U-17 head coach in the future, as the co. Flick* in the pros. “I am pleased that Miro goes this way, because we think much of him as a coach. Otherwise we would not have offered him before the U17. Miro is by the way also to his football teacher-in slip, this will be a special season for him, but he will get every support he needs.“

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“When you look at how tight things were in the first of the season, you can see a great development.“ HANSI FLICK #MiaSanMia #FCBAmateure

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An internal replacement for the U 17 of the FCB has been found, as the sporting Director confirms: “ Danny Black will take over the U 17, Martin Demichelis take care of the U 19 next.” The A-juniors were as table leaders after the demolition of the youth football season in the South German masters. The Bayern Amateurs should now be their top spot in the 3. League keep, would be the Triple perfectly. (Manuel Bonke)*tz.de is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network