To Karl-Heinz Rummenigge pimped Hansi Flick against the DFB. Corona has covered the simmering conflict between the FC Bayern and the Association only. The DFB leaves once more a highly questionable image. Patrick Mayer commented on the criticism of Bayern Coach to his Ex-employer.

The FC Bayern München pulls in a victory against Eintracht Frankfurt in the final of the DFB-Pokal . After the semi-final Bayern coach Hansi Flick clear criticism of the German football Association (DFB) . The feud between the Bayern and the Association of smolders a long time and was covered by the Corona-crisis only.

Munich/Frankfurt – There it was again: The same old attack of the FC Bayern Munich against the German football Association (DFB) in Frankfurt . If the Top of the largest sports Federation in the world have shrugged in the Otto-Fleck-Schneise close to the Frankfurt Arena, is not known.

FC Bayern: Hansi Flick shares against Ex-employer DFB from

where the DFB on the edge of the Hesse-has metropolis of its headquarters, are the Frontal-usual attacks from the Bavarian capital in the meantime. This time, the criticism was relatively moderate and diplomatically formulated.

However, the addressee shows that their long-smoldering dispute have the Bayern , and the Association never beige, the Corona-crisis a kind of castle there was peace at best.

+ the coach of FC Bayern: Hansi Flick.©picture alliance/dpa / Federico Gambarini

“I discuss the game’s setting is usually little, because you can eh do nothing. But I think it’s unfortunate that the Cup game between two important Games. I believe that the players have to the (Corona)break a lot of games, you have to make. (…) Since you would have been able to make a Cup semi-finals maybe after the round, in order to focus only once to the championship and the Bundesliga. Similar to how it makes the Champions League,“ said Bayern coach Hansi Flick after the 2:1 (1:0) just to Eintracht from Frankfurt and the entry into the DFB Pokal-Finale .

FC Bayern Munich: Rummenigge and Flick criticize the DFB

And he put in an Interview with the ARD still: “these are the things I’ve said from the beginning, so in-house. But, unfortunately, the DFB none of the idea, the reality.“

Distinctive: Hansi Flick has worked between 2006 and 2017, even for the DFB , was involved as an assistant to Joachim Löw a major role in the 2014 world Cup title – even if this is attributed in retrospect, mainly for the coach.

It was the next attack from Munich . In mid-may Board boss Karl-Heinz Rummenigge on Sky to Corona-crisis policy of the Association said: “Maybe you should at the DFB a broom to buy our own house in order to sweep, that would be in the case appropriate.”

DFB must put due to Corona-crisis policy much criticized

Ex-Bayern coach Felix Magath , has his main residence in the South of Munich, shortly afterwards, in conversation with the image and with a view to the (highly unfortunate) Crisis management in the 3. League after: “It is not to be understood as to why the first two professional leagues have presented a concept and long-play again – the third Pro-League but not. It ought to have the clarity to be created. Instead, the DFB pushes the responsibility back and forth.“

the Flick , the legal Terminhatz between Bundesliga and DFB-Pokal , is not the Thesis to the offensive, the want to earn a German football Association strong on the marketing, while in the other professional leagues in Europe, the game just starts.

castle peace between FC Bayern and the DFB is finished

Whether Flick it wanted to or not: The former DFB-the employee has declared to the Munich castle peace with the Association be terminated and the DFB leaves in these days, once more a questionable image.