Two women and six men are produced in the grundlovsforhør. They are being charged after the so-called terrorparagraf.

The eight – six men and two women – are in grundlovsforhør Thursday accused of the most serious terrorbestemmelse – section 114, second paragraph. 1. If one is found guilty, you risk life imprisonment.

About 20 people were Wednesday arrested for obtaining paraphernalia to manufacture explosives and attempts to procure firearms. The remaining 12 are, by all accounts, to be released.

* Terrorparagraffen, penal code section 114, states that acts such as murder, attempted murder, violence, serious arson and deprivation of liberty should be counted as terrorism, among other things, if it is intended to intimidate a population, seriously.

* One can also be punished if one “unduly compel Danish or foreign public authorities or an international organisation to perform or abstain from performing any act or to destabilise or destroy a country’s or international organisation’s fundamental political, constitutional, economic or social structures.”

* the Penalty is up to life imprisonment.

* in Addition, you can via section 114 b also are accused of terrorism if it directly or indirectly provides financial support to a person, a group or an association which commits or intends to commit actions covered by the terrorparagraffen.

* It can be punished with imprisonment for ten years.

Source: the criminal code.