series “sports classics in the district”: in 2004, the BCF Wolfratshausen managed with a team from the district-footballers a sensational leap in the then single-track of the season.

Wolfratshausen – It must not always be the FC Bayern or 1860 München –also here in the County, there were over the decades many of the big teams were able to celebrate great successes. The football players of TSV Wolfratshausen, for example, which started from 1966 to 1969 under the direction of former national player Willi Siemetsreiter in the then high-class national League. In the same League of the TuS was Geretsried with his Coach, Hannes Salberg in the 1990s, of a fixed size. Not to forget the district League-the times of SV Wacker, Berg (2004 to 2007) and the SC Gaißach (2012 to 2015), as well as the sensational by March, which led the SV Bad heilbrunn 2019 up in the national League West.

+ 700 viewers saw the former Bayern League game of the BCF in the Ingolstadt stadium

all of these triumphs have been Surpassed, however, by the BCF Wolfratshausen on may 5. June 2004, with a 3:2 win after extra time against a source of Fürth, the jump in the then single-track Bayern League made. “This team was simply outstanding. Because everything has to fit, in a playful way how to be human,“ says still of the competent Trainer Andreas Brunner. The now 53-Year-old had led the Farcheter 2002 in the national League, and his squad successive exclusively with kickers from the Region. The former Geretsrieder Ralf Zahn, Dirk Habian, Christian Fuchs and Dominik Irmer, the Ex-wolves Maxl Jakob, Martin Enax and Thorsten Krause, as well as the “upper Landler” Thomas Simmeth and Martin Raffeiner (both Kochel), Karl Murböck (Lenggries), Thomas Haslinger (Gaißach), Josef cold-Hauser (Wacker, Berg), Daniel Heidemann (Bad Tölz) and Stefan Streicher, (Antdorf). The brought the BCF alike resentment, and recognition by the neighbouring clubs. “What helped us were the Cup games in the villages. Who brought us the sympathy of many Fans,“ recalls Brunner. Henceforth, you looked at home playing cars with all sorts of marks from the Oberland in the Parking lot of the Isar-Loisach-stadium stand.

+ ascent trainer Andreas Brunner (re.) was most recently at FC Penzberg active.

The third-country League-season went very well for the Eleven goalkeeper and captain Thorsten Arlt, before you came shortly before the end of the term. “We were, but have lost five or six games,” reports the former Libero Ralf Tooth. The result was that the BCF was on point with the MTV Ingolstadt on the table top. A so-called cleanup game for the championship was due and held 1500 spectators in Pipinsried. With 2:5 after extra time, the Farcheter documents, “but it was the best game that we have made in those years,” are Brunner and Tooth still agree.

But the rafter dwellers received a few days later, a second Chance – a climb match against Quelle Fürth in Ingolstadt. “The whole day was incredible,” says Ralf Tooth in retrospect. The team, accompanied by about 200 followers in the Fanbus, or by Private Car – had travelled early, took a walk through the city. “But I really wanted to Tooth up on the pitch,” said the then-35-Year-old. At the beginning of the game, upper Bavaria, under clear, came after 20 minutes behind. Karl Murböck, however, managed to head the ball to the 1:1 (35.). “Luck was on our side,” notes the Tooth, as the fürth striker Valerie Ebongalle with Yellow-had to be Red from the square. The subsequent TuS-coach even missed a penalty, “fit to this game”. Because also root Keeper Arlt had suffered while warming up a finger injury and had to be represented by the young Martin eberherr.

The second half was initially balanced, marriage Dominik brought to the community by head to the ball the Farcheter on the road to victory. But far from it: “We have not made the third goal and were in accordance with the fürth 2:2 correctly on the ground,” says Tooth. He was, however, of the Soft on the ascent: of The Libero curled in the 99. Minute stitches in his inimitable way, a free kick in the fürth. “Yeah, that was my amends for the missed penalty,” jokes the 52-Year-old. Source threw in the front, but the BCF Defensive was on the Post, while the own attacker skipped a few outnumbered situations, for a preliminary ruling. To 19.54 clock, it was time: the final whistle, the ascent into the Bavaria League was perfect.

To the celebrations, the parties Involved still remember well. “It was only on the court, then in the cabin. And on the way home in the crowded Bus, we stopped at nearly every gas station, in order to ensure beer supplies,“ says Tooth. Hours later, the convoy in the Isar river, a tumbled-Loisach-Stadion, where Official and Fans were already waiting. The Celebration went on for a few more hours, “and then we moved in Wolfratshausen the houses”.

+ BCF-Libero Ralf Dental coached successfully the TuS and Waldram.

As a “great experience” the 52-Year-old the following season in his memory: “But it was also difficult for the Bavaria League was a number too big.” Of a “great adventure,” said Andreas Brunner. The Wolfratshauser district club had to Unite with the former or later professional-how of the SpVgg Bayreuth FC Ingolstadt 04 and the second teams of 1. FC Nuremberg, SpVgg Unterhaching, Greuther Fürth and Jahn Regensburg measure. Seven wins out jumped to 36 game days, more than the 18. and this table second-to-last place was not in it. “But of the 2:0 victory in the Nuremberg Franken stadium, all Parties talk about today,” says the Coach. You’ve pre-decided, no money for reinforcements to spend. “And the boys have, despite the many low-bravely pulled along.” One, because of a tactical change from the coach forced the premature departure of his Liberos, who moved Christmas back to the TuS Geretsried. “The introduction of the four-chain in this Situation does not make sense. We were already over the Limit“, says Ralf Tooth. Brunner defends its adaptation to the then-new concept: “Otherwise we would not have made even these 26 points.”

Agreement, the former coach and the Libero are in terms of the importance of this triumph. “It was the highlight of my career, because it was just a wonderful time. The crew was outstanding and the relationship to our head of Department Toni Gamperl excellent,“ says Brunner. To meet his great joy, his BCF Kicker every year on the 5. November in Lenggries to go skiing, and then the events of the past happen again in review. “Organized by Karl Murböck, and the 15-man are always there.”

As “one of the most beautiful eyes, my career looks”, also referred to Ralf Tooth then the rise of. “The team had grown and recognized in the district. Also, the louder, the ground were standing guys – this has made the success of twice as nice.“ And the many years of Geretsrieder and Waldramer Trainer adds: “Nowadays, the SV Bad heilbrunn reminds me a bit of the then BCF. I like how they do it.“