The severe storms in Bavaria, had on Saturday night a devastating impact: After a lightning strike on an agricultural property in Beuerberg in a fire.

Severe weather moved in on Saturday evening (13. June) about Bayern. In Beuerberg (landkreis Wolfratshausen) it came to a devastating lightning strike. An agricultural property was burning – there were casualties.

major fire in Beuerberg – fire brigade: minutes, decide on emergency or rescue

Update, 14. June, 17.33 PM : The major fire in Beuerberg in the night from Saturday to Sunday could have ended in a disaster . “It was just before,” confirmed circle of fire Marshal Erich Zengerle , that the approximately 100 participating in the operation of a number of firemen at the last Minute had managed to prevent the Skipping of the fire on directly to the blazing shed border at the end of the building.

The fire brigades did not have to search long for the site, the fire was already visible from afar. the “When the first responders arrived, it was clear to all, it’s about minutes. The rear part of the building was already fully engulfed in flames,“ reports Stefan Kießkalt, press spokesman of the circle of fire, inspection of Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen.

first message, 14. June, 10.01 PM: Eurasburg , The severe storms on Saturday (13. June) have moved on Bayern in some places, heavy damage face. Particularly hard hit in the small Village of Beuerberg (Landkreis Wolfratshausen) is a agricultural property .

23:35 PM got> a the hay barn a lightning to Brand </strong , reported to the police Wolfratshausen in reference to eye-witnesses on the spot. The hay barn burned down completely. After the delete of the fire, the remaining remnants of the Heulagers had to be demolished due to danger of collapse.

major fire in Eurasburg: fire can house be prevented defend in front of a fire

A larger Spreading of the fire on the adjacent apartment building could by from the vicinity of present fire . There are a total of about 120 emergency responders, the fire Department and the ambulance service, and paramedics.

lightning strikes in the hay barn fire on property in Beuerberg – residents and volunteers in clinic – photos