to do Good to the Erdinger police at the weekend. Three accidents, and drunk driving is the home to the officials.

Erding – With the curb, collided on Saturday afternoon, a Radlerin (57) in the long geisling. In the fall they suffered, according to police, a laceration, abrasions and contusions. She came to the hospital.

the bike against a parked car, a mountain, Lerner is a police officer in the night of Sunday, on the Old Roman road. This was due to the 1.2 ppm high alcohol of the 21st century is likely to be-Year-olds have been suspect of the police. He remained unharmed. The car, a loss of about 1500 euros.

On the Fliegerhorst-intersection, it crashed into the night on Sunday. According to police, a moss inningerin (19) arrived at 1.30 PM on the Landshut road and took a cross 23-Year-old from upper thing the right-of-way. The total damage amounts to around 15 000 Euro. The Hyundai of the cause had to be towed away. No one was hurt.

On the airport tangent, the police moved in on Sunday night a 42-Year-old from Markt Schwaben from the traffic, which was 1.1 per thousand to be a risk to themselves and others. The woman is a criminal case comes. ham