‘My son and wife lay side by side in the chapel. I’ll never forget the day and the feeling.’

At 09.31 on the morning of Monday 9th. december laid the 43-year-old Kenny Nielsen, a personal letter on his Facebook profile.

A letter written to the alkoholpåvirkede man who at the exact same time in 2018, when at least 137 kilometers per hour into a Citroën C1 in Holstebro. Behind the wheel sat Kenny Nielsen’s wife, Britta Mills Crawford, who died on the spot, and in the car was also the couple’s seven-year-old daughter Sofia, her friend and the couple’s nine-year-old son Villads.

Only Sofia survived.

‘You could not imagine a better wife or mother than Britta. She was always positive and in a good mood, and she was always family first.’

the ‘(…) Villads, our amazing son and brother, was always happy, positive, always sought new knowledge, forgetful and honest. He loved football more than any other sport, he loved to snuggle with popcorn and a good old movie. He loved his sister Sofia and defended her always,’ writes Kenny Nielsen on in the letter.

the Assassin, the 24-year-old Latvian man Edijs Bukelis, had earlier been drinking both vodka and seven beers and was in February sentenced to three years ‘ imprisonment for willful reckless driving under the influence of alcohol.

“the Intention of the letter was proper that he should know, what consequences this has had for my and Sofia’s lives, but then it went more into a story, and I hope that I can focus on it with to run in the affected state,” says Kenny Nielsen, who on Monday stood in the TV Midtvest, where he also participates in a podcast.

“It has been good for me to write it. A form of redemption, because it is the first time I really sat down and written my thoughts down,” says Kenny Nielsen on.

But it doesn’t change the fact that today there is only him and his daughter Sofia back from the family, who lived a happy life in the city Mejrup near Holstebro for just a year ago.

Although he was on the way home from the hunting trip to Poland, when the accident took place, but it was only when he came in contact with his own mother some hours later, he got the message.

She told him that Britta was dead, and that the son Villads was in critical condition, and that Sofia had survived. A few weeks later was Britta and Villads buried. They lay in the same casket so they could be together.

“Everything was turned upside down for me. Suddenly, I was the primary person for Sofia, and she is not the same happy girl that she was before the accident. She understands many things, and she misses her mother and brother, but she does not understand the deeper meaning of it,” says Kenny Nielsen, who himself had to tell Sofia that her mother and brother were dead.

“The first months we talked much about the accident, and now every evening together, talking together. Not necessarily about the accident, but we just talk, and then I can feel if she is upset about it. She is the only one I have left.”

the public Prosecutor appealed against the judgment to the high court in order to get the enhanced penalty, but in the month of may was the judgment upheld. In addition to the three years of imprisonment, he was deprived of the right to acquire a driving licence for ten years and expelled from Denmark for good.

You can read the entire Kenny Nielsen’s letter to Edijs Bukelis including.