An accident between two passenger cars have hit the Aarøsund Road at Milltown.

Yet, it is not clear what has happened, but sent three ambulances, a lægebil and a helicopter to the site.

this was stated by The South Jutland Police on Twitter.

“There is talk about the two cars, which are driven head-on together,” says vagtchef at the South Jutland Police Erik Lindholdt to B. T.

He tells, rescue and police is at the spot where the work is.

“We sent in the first three ambulances to the site, but subsequently chose to also send a lægebil and a helicopter, as there is damage on the spot, as we are concerned,” says vagtchefen and elaborates:

“It is not immediately critical, but therefore it may well be serious,” says Erik Lindholdt.

He could not yet disclose what exactly happened, since there still working on the site, and there is very ‘busy’.

for The same reason, he also did not say how many persons have been involved in the accident or what their status is.

It is also not clear how long the road will be blocked.

On Twitter, calls the police, however, to find an alternative route, as there are blocked between Lundingvej and the Green.

B. T. follows the case.