With significant words of the upper söcheringer made the municipal Council of his Anger about the of the VR-Bank Werdenfels approved the Branch closure, in the village of air. The Board granted mayor Reinald Huber, with a clear mandate to fight for the preservation of the branch.

upper söchering – “I’m pissed off. It stinks like a Sow.“ Mayor Reinald Huber (General group of voters) did not bother even to rhetorical etiquette, as he took in the recent session of the upper söcheringer municipal Council the closure of the VR-Bank-branch (we reported) to the language.

Great resentment in the village

In the village of displeasure with the cooperative financial institution is large. The Ur-character of the Bank as a service provider for the country’s population, many see it as a counter. Especially the older Generation, for whom Online Banking is often not an Alternative, it is said, taken an important infrastructure facility. The branch in Egenrieder way with your walk-in and directly in front of the Schaltertür nearby Parking, has been used in addition, not only of the upper söcheringer, but also of many Murnauer seniors.

harsh criticism

The Council offered many poignant speeches with a clear criticism of the business strategy of the VR-Bank. The cooperative idea, so criticised Josef West Rieder (CSU/Freie voter community), is long lost. It is only the balance sheet totals and to a greater and more rational: “But then nothing more is me at the Bank


closing without warning

Into the same Horn, Matthias Nebl (General group of voters) not blew: “I don’t know if the Bank is doing a Favor, if you leave the villages out in the rain. This is going to hurt the Bank.“ Huber is, in turn, that the Bank ended with the closure without warning, in the shade of Corona full facts has been created: “by The way, how is it run, this is not a style.” Upper söchering was contrary to the Bank always, and I have also co-sponsored the mergers: “The VR-Bank was always for the people in the country. You can talk about everything,“ said Huber.

understanding for Bank

understanding for the closure of the branch Anton Nebl (CSU/Freie voter community) recruited, what came as a surprise. The Bank’s economist, who is a professional in the case of VR-Bank. Nebl said the “biggest financial crisis since the Second world war”, which will raise in the near future. In the business policy of the VR-Bank, it is a matter not of balance sheet totals, but only the criterion of “cost-effectiveness”. It is a matter for the Bank to develop and make fit for the future – “otherwise, the Bank has no stock”. It is not, therefore, to build a “Corona-monument”, but the business model of the “special time” to adjust: “Even the founding fathers would have designed the Bank”, – said Anton Nebl. And: “There are Alternatives. 80 percent of the things that have been made on the switch, can be processed via phone banking.“

order of the mayor

Nevertheless, Anton Nebl was the only Council, defended the store closure. Otherwise, the city hall head of the Committee got a clear mandate to lead the Bank’s leadership talks: “Why should we accept the decision?”, Vice-mayor Rudi Ottl (General group of voters) said: “The Whole thing went past us.” Huber promised not to fight for the preservation of the branch: “I give up the hope that we can keep the Bank switch.” A compromise solution, which was hinted at in the municipal Council, could be operating, for example, an hourly Desk: “I have good ideas in your head,” says Huber.