Far more than half a life they were together, the Schnaiter Max and his Walli. Also your last way, she went almost to the end together.

Max and Walburga Hermann were married for 60 years. Together the Couple had two children. A few months after their diamond wedding, the couple died just a few days of each other. All the news in and around the district of Dachau, you can find always up to date just with us.

On 14. In April 1934, Max Hermann was on the “Schnaiter-Hof” in Dietenhausen born . There, in the Glonntal he grew up and attended school in Odelzhausen. In 1953, he took over after the early death of his father the agricultural property.

His Walburga, born Märkl, the on 28. July 1934 was born and as a seventh Madl on Woishofer-Hof in Priel a sheltered Childhood had experienced, he said on 28. In November 1959 to the altar. The benediction of the Church, the bride received a couple of pastor Gottfried Brugger in the parish Church of St. Benedict . Then the world took place in the sun host Celebration. The Couple had two sons , Florian and Max.

spouses die shortly after the Diamond-wedding: – Moving life

building a house, the yard, cows, cats, chickens, the garden, her two brothers and, later, the four grandchildren were children Wallis in life . She was a cheerful nature, and also sang a song in addition to the work . Always at your side, Max, who supported her until the last day. Max, a good husband, was a good father and farmer . He was also Kant, an avid woodwind musician. In 1951 he was there when the brass band Odelzhausen in Dietenhausen of Anton Kiemer, later Odelzhausener mayor, was established. He belonged to the marching band , made under the former Kapellmeister of the Sepp Haas the name of Odelzhausen nationally , and cultural pioneers have enriched life.

Max and his Walburga: Moving the end of a great love

Max, who grew up during the war, was a fighter for the honesty and justice. He had some honorary offices, always with an eye on the Whole. The years passed and silver wedding, Golden wedding, and finally, in November 2019, the diamond wedding of Max and Walli followed . Since they were already living in a nursing home in Egenhofen.

Just half a year later, her faded . A few days after his Walli died, followed Max . With the two the family has lost two very special people.

The funerals of Walli and Max Hermann took place due to the current Situation in the immediate family .

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