By filing the correct id information, but another person’s photo, have the criminals been issued with a fake passport.

An unknown number of persons have last year abused Citizens, so they got issued a genuine passport even if they submitted a picture of a person other than yourself.

It writes bbc News on the background of the access to documents from the ministry of Justice and the national Police.

Both former operative head of PET, Hans Jørgen Bonnichsen, the Swedish terrorforsker Magnus Ranstorp takes it seriously.

– It is very serious, for if one first comes into the system with fake id, you can use it to organized crime and terrorism, says Magnus Ranstorp to DR News.

According to the media, it appears by a note from the Police that unknown assailants in 2018 met up at Hotels in different places in the country to be issued a passport with the right credentials, but with a different person’s photo.

Of note, it appears that there is registered at least 21 reviews in the first months of 2018.

According to DR has fraud been a problem in Citizen service in the Dokk1 in Aarhus. Here have more last year trying to obtain fake passports. Citizens do not know, however, how many fake passports may have been issued with them.

Police do not know the extent of fake issued the passport. It has contacted all local authorities in the spring of 2018, to inculcate the importance of pasansøger and the person to whom the passport is issued is the same.

Søren Have Enevoldsen, vicepolitiinspektør at the National Efterforskningscenter, says that fraud should not take place.

– It should not be possible. In the end, it can be used for anything. And including to create terror, if that is what you want, he says to DR News.

to DR News call justice minister Nick Hækkerup (S) the matter seriously, and he believes that pasmyndighederne must be tightening up in the issuing of passports.