protection against the Corona effect: more and more people wearing visors in front of the face instead of masks made of cloth. Now Öko-Test examined whether the shields provide sufficient protection.

Öko-Test* examined in the Test, the protection of the target compared with masks made of cloth. The visors are thin discs of plastic that are supposed to protect the wearer from a Corona infection. The Robert-Koch-Institute the aim says.

Kassel, Germany – All länder in Germany have in the meantime introduced a mask of duty in Parts of the public space, the Corona-crisis contain. Meanwhile, more and more people are wearing while shopping or in public transport is not a traditional masks , but a visor . In the Test from Öko-Test these visors are put under the microscope.

A visor, or “ Face Shield ” is a curved pane of clear plastic that covers the face from the chin up to the forehead. At first glance, the visors are a practical Alternative in everyday life. They are secured with a rubber band at the forehead.

protection against Corona: visors in the Test in the Öko-Test

But whether they actually provide sufficient protection against Corona , is questionable. These are the benefits of masks in the Öko-Test Overview:

The visor covers the whole face. In addition to the mouth and the nose, the eyes will be protected, because Corona can also be found on the conjunctiva of the eyes. Under the visor it is easy to breathe. The communication is much easier, since the entire face is visible. There are no pressure points behind the ears and the glasses do not fog up. It will focus less in your face. The visors are easy to clean and a countless number of times can be used.

Öko-Test does not explain, however, since the visors are on the side and open at the bottom, you are considered to provide sufficient protection against Corona . Also, the Robert-Koch-Institute (RKI) sees in sight is no substitute for masks made of cloth.

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Corona: visors in the Test – Robert-Koch-Institute comments

“The use of visors may be considered to be our opinion, as an equivalent Alternative to mouth-nose-coverings.” The reason for this is that the visors “to a maximum of the directly on the disc occurring droplets of the field”. This allows you as a foreign protection unsuitable.

The virologist Johannes Knobloch, head of the Department of hospital hygiene at the University hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf, was also of this opinion. Out of self-protection, however, you can protect it from his point of view, similar to well before Corona a conventional mask made of fabric. “The visor is ideal to protect against the classic droplet infection,” explains the virologist.

Corona: visors in the Test – Counts the Face Shield as a mask?

Who is wearing only a visor without the additional Mouth guards, in many of the länder, not to the mask of duty . This decision lies with the individual countries. According to data of the Hessian Ministry for social Affairs and Integration, the visors are allowed in the Hessen protection Corona .

in the Meantime, there are some companies that offer shields of protection. However, many products come from China and have a long delivery time and high shipping costs.

Corona: visors in the Test – Face Shield by yourself yourself

Öko-Test explains that a visor can be tinkered with to protect against Corona , even without great effort, simply self. There are numerous guides on the Internet.

to wear The result: organic advises, in addition to the visor of a conventional mask. Then the mouth and nose would be protected twice, and in addition the eyes. However, the Hygiene during the Corona-crisis and distance rules to note.

Corona: new products in the Test in the Öko-Test

Öko-Test has tested different bottled water. Some brands fall through smoothly. Also Apollinaris Medium. Gerolsteiner confident.

charcoal for the Grill would be in the Öko-Test under the microscope. Not all were able to convince.

By Karolin Schaefer

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