The transport practice courts in the district are orphaned. 970 fourth graders have not received a complete bike lessons – due to the Corona pandemic.

County – The Corona-pandemic leads to a veritable bike boom, more and more people are back to laying daily way by bike. An important Foundation for safe Cycling, road safety education put in many, probably in the fourth classes of the primary schools. There, waving to the boys and girls after successful examination in theory and practice as evidence for your Can of the coveted Bicycle license. However, The important safety training that is organised at the primary schools in the district, the youth traffic school (JVS) of the police inspection of Dachau, this year was suspended due to the Corona pandemic.

“to the end of school year, the youth traffic school, the police Dachau will not perform the Bicycle training of the fourth class in the usual way,” explains police Commissioner, Andreas Knorr, the coordinates as a clerk traffic the JVS. No special district issue, the school Cycling training is monitored according to the German traffic currently in no state offered any more.

The theory of learning to the children in the classroom, under the guidance of four police officers and a staff education specialist will Turn to the skilled, the correct behavior at intersections studied. The Cycling training consists of three training sessions, theoretical and practical examination.

The four Traffic training grounds in Dachau-Süd, Karl box, Markt indersdorf and Odelzhausen are orphaned. The five members of the JVS Team to the police Dachau has formed in the autumn of 24 classes with 540 girls and boys. 23 additional classes started in the spring, they were not able to complete the program is ready. 24 classes have not started yet.

conclusion: “970 fourth graders have not undergone any complete or part-time students,” says Knorr. And it will change nothing. Because while the school training of pre-school children takes place before the start of the holiday to the kindergartens, will not be included in the education of fourth graders.

To the schools, this is regretted, “but there is no other way,” says Ulrike Schneider-Güll, principal of the primary school, Peter Hausen, whose students have not yet practiced in the transport practice area. “In the middle” in the course of the fourth graders of elementary school in Dachau-East. The Practice in the area of traffic training ground for the children is important, says school Director Andrea Noha, “but there is also no physical education”.

But what next for the fourth graders? A practice-training for “dead-angle” offers the JVS, to the children for raising the awareness of this particular risk situation says police chief inspector Andreas Knorr. With a Truck, and a special Plane is illustrated to the students, where the hazardous Zone is located. The children experienced “what is the Truck or bus driver sees in the mirror and like bright clothes, the own safety.” This offer will benefit the elementary school Petershausen well. In Dachau-East has already decided against it.

A special hygiene concept would have needed it, after each child, the leader of the house should be disinfected, “the organisational effort is huge,” says rector Noha. Also the subject had been treated with other media in the classroom. To give now, however, children more safety in the Cycling practice, “the demand is for the parents more than,” says police chief Commissioner, Knorr, himself the father of a school-age daughter.

the Rectors of the parents see the responsibility. Traffic expert, Knorr recommends common Bicycle excursions, “take the time to Practice”. From time immemorial, children could gain the necessary level of safety at the wheel only through the common Cycle, would by the way be introduced to the dangers of traffic.

A more important aspect. Because more and more cyclists are on the road, the road becomes narrower, the number of Bicycle accidents is increasing. In 2019 alone, nine children were injured in the district with the same number of school accidents. All the more important that all stick to the rules. Knorrs appeal to parents: “Be a role model.”

Petra Schafflik