summer holiday in Coronavirus-times: The Chaos is getting bigger and bigger. Mallorca is a fierce fight around the Opening of the club ensues.

Where can we spend our summer holidays despite Coronavirus ? The German travel Association is outraged by a statement from Markus Söder . On Mallorca there are meanwhile, the Stress due to the shifted Opening of the club. Here you will find the basic facts to the Coronavirus* and the Corona-News from Germany*. Also you can find here a variety of current case numbers in Germany, as a card*. Currently there are the following recommendations to the Corona-protection measures*.

Munich – Where to go in summer ? This is a question a lot of German. In USA the Infection rates to drop further, many relaxations of the Corona-measures already exists. A holiday in your own country is possible, and in this country there is a lot to see. Politicians such as Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder ask the population to remain this year in the domestic market, although more and more European countries to open their borders , after you, too, as the situation improves.

Corona: holiday in Germany? The German travel Association is outraged by Söder-statement

The German travel Association (DRV) don’t like it, however, as reported by Focus online. Even now, far too many people crowded Hotspots in Germany. Not all adhere to the distance rules. The fear of a second infection wave is large. The Coronavirus is not ancient history. The DRV warns: “The capacity in their own country are far from sufficient, so that all Traveller can also make your well-deserved vacation.”

Norbert Fiebig , President of DRV is indignant, Please Söders* : “If Corona-Numbers are high or low, is not a political decision but a question of the facts. Who warns unfounded before travelling abroad, and to promote only the holiday in their own state, in the business of the many travel agencies and tour operators are broken.“

The number of currently Infected in the free state, de facto higher than in the popular holiday countries such as Greece , the Croatia and Austria , taken together, explains Fiebig, and adds: “According to the logic of Mr Söder would then have to also apply for Bayern a travel warning.”

By Fiebig received Söder against the wind, but polls show that many voters with his Corona-policy are very satisfied. In the meantime, the CSU is traded-a politician even as a candidate for Chancellor. There was now Friedrich Merz.

Corona: Europe opens its internal borders – the summer holiday in Majorca?

So, vacations abroad ? One of the most popular destinations of Germans is without question Mallorca . But there are just plenty of Stress. Actually, strong> Spain with the third easing phase from the 8 should be in <. June is also the night life back on. However, this is not safe now. The government in Madrid and the Balearic Islands government block according to the image against the Opening of the Clubs . The potential for infection risk is still too high. the Spain is one of the of the pandemic, the worst-hit countries.

Mallorca without the ball man , it would be for many German no holiday , although Spain its borders from 1. In July, for foreign tourists will open.

+ singer Mia Julia in the beer king in Mallorca.©dpa / Clara Margais

Corona: Mega-Zoff in Mallorca due to the delay in the Club-Openings

Whether the Clubs until then, may open, in the stars. The Association of the Balearic night-club operators (Asociación Balear de Ocio Nocturno y Entrenimiento – A. B. O. N. E.) has been working for months on Hygiene and safety concepts .

Jesús Sánchez, President of A. B. O. N. E. said to the image: “We are prepared and ready to go. We have prepared intensively for the opening and to the measures to be taken worked, approved by the Ministry of health already.“ But the Clubs now however, the government of 3. Easing phase is excluded. “We are outraged and surprised at the same time. It can’t be, this has worked in our sector for so long to protocols, and we have now been excluded. We are calling on the government to be in Phase Three again.“

went Alone in April, the Balearic Islands according to the Spanish statistics Institute “INE” revenues of almost a billion euros through the cloth. Also the big Clubs to make millions miserable.

Corona and Mallorca: Ballermann Stars hope at the Club Opening, and German tourists

ball man-singer Isi of luck hopes that Clubs still open and the season can finally start. Compared to the image she said: “Now a few are starting to come loose and somehow it brings a bit of hope. At the end of June should now be able to fly, in fact, a pair of the tourist to Mallorca and if all this is true, I personally hope that we can celebrate this year the one or the other Party in the ‘mega Park’.”

your colleague, Peter Wackel feels like after a long winter season, where the Windows are calcified, and the fence still stands: “But you see people painting houses, cleaning, they’re doing it every really prepared for a late season and the island is incredibly necessary.”


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