you can find in the Internet, in magazines or at stalls in electronic markets: offers for discounted Smartphone or fixed rates. Anyone who has booked a place, should know this.

Berlin (dpa/tmn) – a Monthly ten Euro less in the first year. And in the second year, at least five Euro deduction of the basic fee: Against discounted mobile phone and fixed-term tariffs is nothing wrong – as long as you have the idea, to the plan from the provider switch.

The telecommunications portal “ is reported”. Because of the granted monthly Bonus is also tied to how the course credits, or existing credit to the original Fare.

This Information was to be found, but – if at all – usually only in the small print. And not every provider customers that want to switch to a different offer, your bonuses, tariff are coupled, and in the case of a tariff change will be lost.

important: In case of tariff change, the providers often raise a currency exchange fee. It is, according to the experts expected that the fee will only be waived if you switch from a cheaper to a more expensive Tariff. Don’t be obliged the Provider to do so.

A frequently occurring error term contracts on the supplier side is also, that when changing the customer to another Tariff, the minimum contract term of 24 months begins anew. But that would be illegal. The ongoing process of maturity should be continued, experts said.