Cathy Hummels has won a lawsuit due to surreptitious advertising. How the BVB game woman celebrated then, and why the victory is so groundbreaking.

Influencerin Cathy Hummels said on Thursday (25. June) in front of the appellate court Munich an important process won. The wife from Mats Hummels has been displayed because of surreptitious advertising on Instagram . The victory of Cathy Hummels together with his son Ludwig celebrated.

Munich – On Thursday (25. June) appeared to Cathy Hummels (32) before the court*. The triumphed because of subliminal advertising defendant Influencerin : you won the process – and celebrated afterwards in their own way* reported.


Cathy Hummels

Born in

31. January 1988 (age 32 years), in Dachau


1.68 m


Mats Hummels (verh. since 2015)


the Technical University of Dortmund (2008-2012)


Ludwig Hummels


The sugar-free cookbook for kids (2020), Strong with Yoga: The best Exercises for every situation (2018)

Cathy Hummels wins process because of surreptitious advertising in front of the higher regional court in Munich

In April 2019, the BVB was displayed in-game wife Cathy Hummels* from the Association of social competition due to subliminal advertising . The Association accused the wife of BVB-Star Mats Hummels* (31), to have some of your photos with a Brand name on your Instagram profile , not as “advertising” in.

Completely unjustified, as the game woman found – after all, she had been for the photos, not paid. A General debate about whether Influencer would not make in General, with each Posting advertising that ensued was followed by numerous warnings against Influencer .

Cathy Hummels before the court: the BVB game woman fights for justice for Influencer

A process in the first instance, in the year 2019 had Cathy Hummels already won, on Thursday (25. June) followed the negotiation in front of the appellate court Munich . “Wish me luck”, asked Cathy Hummels, which was also recently due to a commercial for a yoghurt Drink for the horror*, your Followers still have a day before the court date.

The thumb press seems to have paid off – because Cathy Hummels* that this process as a radiant winner. And sees itself as a pioneer many other Social Media Stars : “This victory in front of the appellate court is for all of us and, hopefully, this warning wave to an end”, the Cathy Hummels after the process (all the articles about celebrities and TV*) said.

+ Cathy Hummels is successful Influencerin. On Instagram, the wife of the BVB player Mats Hummels nearly 530.000 people follow. ©Tobias Hase/dpa

Cathy Hummels celebrates victory in front of the higher regional court of Munich in fitting style – with ice and Ludwig

After Cathy Hummels a key success for the Social Media industry run, celebrated it her victory due – in “Cathy Style”, as she revealed on Instagram . How to do this? Not with champagne and a big Party – but in a very down-to-earth with son Louis (2), and ice cream.

Cathy Hummels reported in your Instagram Story : “the process I got him from the nursery picked up, we were ice cream food , shopping and then we cooked, and then delicious eaten.” Why is the game woman Zap to your significant verdict no Party?

check out this post on Instagram to

The victory we have celebrated today 2…. I must be honest, the first time to sink in and have to still… Ludwig helps me. After the process, I got him from the nursery picked up, we were eating ice cream, shopping and then we cooked, and then more than delicious food. When I look at him, then I is really very about this incredibly important victory for Social Media ⚖ in a while But most important of all, my little man is happy and healthy. Everything else comes after that. Thank you for your lovely messages & happiness I wish for fighting to the end, has always been my motto. #nevergiveup

A post shared by Cathy Hummels (@Cathy Hummels) on Jun 25, 2020 10:10 PM PDT

Cathy Hummels’ victory in court: Influencerin must groundbreaking victory bag

of course, because of the Coronavirus pandemic . On the other, but also because the Influencerin had yet to sink in: “I need to relax a little bit and the judgment to digest, because this is really groundbreaking and I’m incredibly happy that it is now assumed to be so. It was a roller coaster to the feelings.”

the Association Should wish to challenge social competition, the judgment, again, would have to defend Cathy Hummels for a third Time in front of court , in this case, then, before the Top court . However, the Influencerin is determined: “I will fight to the end, has always been my motto.” * is part of the Ippen-Digital-network

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