in Spite of Asthma want to meet BVB game Cathy Hummels a dream. Now the Influencerin is deep.

As a child Cathy Hummels strong Asthma and allergies suffered. Nevertheless, the Influencerin always dreamed of, to be able to horses ride.
This wish Cathy Hummels now satisfied, but had to pay a high price.

Munich – Cathy Hummels* is in a Bathrobe and with pain-filled face on the floor and holds himself in the face. Directly in front of the Influencerin , a crumpled handkerchief is. As you want to fulfill your childhood dream that went wrong for you all, reported*.


Cathy Hummels

Born in

31. January 1988 (age 32 years) in Dachau


1.68 m


Mats Hummels (since 2015)


Ludwig Hummels


Marion Fischer, Alfred Fischer

Cathy Hummels is not fulfilled a childhood dream and falls deep

But what exactly happened? Currently Cathy Hummels is a cost jointly with your family during your Wellness holiday in the Hotel Bachmair Weissach, in which a Overnight around 350 Euro*. On the system, the Influencerin want to fulfill a long childhood dream: horseback riding.

Actually, Cathy Hummels’ great passion Yoga , but since her Childhood she has another great desire: The wife of Mats Hummels would like to sit in spite of Asthma and Allergy on a horse (more celebrity articles on*).

the son of Ludwig and Cathy Hummels riding during your Wellness holiday together on a Pony

Both diseases has, for years, a good grip, such as Cathy Hummels their Fans in their Story on Instagram portrays nevertheless, she was visibly excited in front of this big step: “Look what horses are simply beautiful animals – I’m so happy”, she informed her Fans on the Social Media platform.

+ for a Long time has dreamed of Cathy Hummels to sit on a horse. However, as the Influencerin fulfilled their desire, everything is different.©Jörg Carstensen/dpa

However, son Ludwig (2) should have something from the trip. Before, it was time for Cathy Hummels, who is confronted again and again with separation rumors*, on a larger horse, they turned together with the Little a round on a Pony within a lunging place.

Cathy Hummels rises with son Louis on the horse – Asthma and Allergy, and report back

“in the Meantime, I have no Asthma and more , no allergies. Maybe I’m a little Pollen, but not on animals. Well until TODAY,” writes Cathy Hummels in your Instagram Post. As the Influencerin could finally get on the horse , made their diseases, apparently, a dash through the bill.

“According to this photo, it went slowly and then rapidly downhill … See photo two!”, it means more. In fact, Cathy Hummels on the second image with watery eyes , and a crumpled handkerchief on the floor. After a shower and a change of clothing would go to her but a bit better.

look, you have this post on Instagram to

The Beauty & The Beast in between these two photos only two hours. The following story: The last time I was riding with 4 years on the horse. My greatest desire was to sit on a horse and to be as cool as Bibi & Tina. Mom had me to fulfill my dream, but I had stifled the Allergy attack of my life and only two years later, I would be due to my allergic Asthma almost. Since then, my dream has burst from the ride, but somehow still a great dream that lies dormant in me. I think horses are beautiful and graceful … Now I don’t have Asthma, even allergies. Maybe I’m a little Pollen, but not on animals. Well, until TODAY. According to this photo, it went slowly and then rapidly downhill … See photo two! ♀ In a while it’s good, but only thanks to a shower, fresh clothes and a tablet. #beastmode ♀ love it. PS: Ludwig was very happy. I’ve adjusted his diet for allergies and he has not responded.

A post shared by Cathy Hummels (@Cathy Hummels) on Jun 3, 2020 10:08 am PDT

Allergy at Cathy Hummels: son Ludwig apparently not affected

all the same, Only Cathy Hummels has allergic react to the horses, her son Ludwig , who also suffers from Asthma, showed no response in this direction.

This is according to a statement from the Influencerin probably because of the good Pension of his mother: “Ludwig was very happy. I’ve adjusted his diet for allergies and he has not responded,” said Cathy Hummels on Instagram. Due to its asthma eats Cathy Hummels your son Louis almost without exception, sugar-free .

About whether or not the wish-fulfillment was the allergic value, not Cathy Hummels commented yet. The radiant face to judge, in spite of tear eyes but probably.

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