Cathy Hummels wanted to use your holiday to relax. Instead, they turned a Sport Video after the other. Why not just come to rest.

Cathy Hummels* spent the past week with her family on the Tegernsee . To relax rather than, as published in the Influencerin a Instagram Post after the other, and turned some sports Videos . The wife from BVB-Star Mats Hummels* even left your stylist from 60 miles away Munich to arrive.

Dortmund/Munich – Actually wanted to turn off Influencerin Cathy Hummels* (32) finally. The BVB drew game woman last week with her family in a luxury Hotel in the Bavarian Tegernsee back. But to relax instead, was the wife of Mats Hummels (31) only one thing in mind: work, work and sports, such as* reported.


Cathy Hummels

Born in

31. January 1988 (age 32 years), Dachau


1.68 m


Mats Hummels (verh. 2015)


Ludwig Hummels


Marion Fischer, Alfred Fischer

Cathy Hummels: Wife of Mats has been fighting for weeks against cyber bullying and skimmed-addiction-allegations

Cathy Hummels had it in the last couple of weeks is not easy: Because of a nasty germ in the stomach of the wife of Mats Hummels* was in the hospital treat. In addition, the game woman to create the ever-increasing Cyber-bullying to Instagram made (all the articles about celebrities and TV*.

it was not Cathy Hummels well, it was clear to see: The 32-Year-old was felt with every Instagram Post thin, frightened their Fans more and more often with sad Posts or Skinny photos .

Cathy Hummels after the family holiday at lake Tegernsee: “I’m healthy again!”

Last week game woman took a break and drove with her family (but without a husband Mats Hummels, who’s currently with the BVB for the remainder of the Bundesliga season mind games*) to the Bavarian Tegernsee .

it seemed to go to the beleaguered Influencerin is actually getting better – the wife of Mats Hummels slept in, went for a Massage and let son Ludwig (2) from their parents care. On Wednesday (3. June) showed Cathy Hummels then radiant on Instagram and announced: “I’m healthy again!”*

Cathy Hummels makes a holiday on the Tegernsee lake and just on Instagram

think long lasted Cathy Hummels’ Relax-intent: on Friday (5. June) was the entrepreneurial Influencerin already back in work mode.

On Instagram she posted a picture that shows them on the swings, she wrote: “Today I’m shooting a couple of Videos for you.”

Cathy Hummels: wife of BVB-Profi Mats Hummels turns self Workout in the holiday-Videos

are Meant to Workout Videos, posted to the Influencerin in front of your stomach-the Disease daily on Instagram – even though Cathy Hummels to try all the back a little to weight to increase.

After Cathy Hummels on vacation now, so again better went, led her first route directly back to the Gym . Although the Influencerin wanted to worried about driving on vacation, no sweat-Cardio-Workouts, but only “ Yoga , Stretching, and Find your Inner Peace Videos” turn, but their Fans show up due to the only just recovering from the stomach disease of the BVB game woman .

Cathy Hummels post holiday Workout-Videos – Fans are appalled

“Enjoy your time and do sports to movies without,” advises your a Fan on Instagram . Another one of the game woman : “relax holiday = writes a couple of Videos? Just look at the time for a child and family is not an Option to use? Has to do with ‘Find your inner peace’ to”.

+ Cathy Hummels (l.), here at the Berlin Fashion Week in January 2020, is a passionate Fitness – and fashion-Influencerin.┬ęGerald Matzka/dpa

another Fan of appears to be of the same opinion: “I do not understand’s how you can do a Video or Post one after the other.”

Cathy Hummels in the work of delusion: Game woman for Instagram Posts, even fashion stylist

Actually Cathy Hummels does not seem to come even in the holiday just to rest – allegedly had their stylist during the family Trips to arrive on a regular basis for Instagram photos and Videos from the 60 kilometres away, Munich arrive extra, as can be seen from the Instagram-Posts the game woman .

Why the Influencerin even thinks in the holiday only seems to Work? A Fan on Instagram believes that Cathy Hummels just be boring, another subject you are Looking for attention .

check out this post on Instagram to

for the last … It goes back to home. Especially Ludwig “may actually say Pfiati” to the geese. Dear “mia wieda” #home #bayern

A contribution Hummels (@Cathy Hummels) shared by Cathy on Jun 7, 2020 at 2:53 PM PDT

Cathy Hummels in game wife posts worrying Skinny-photo

Cathy Hummels itself has not commented yet why are you even in the family vacation, the work doesn’t rest can. Instead, the game woman on Sunday (7 has. June), a new holiday photo in the Belly-Look on Instagram posted.

to see: a sad into the camera view at the end of Cathy Hummels , in in the Sitting, the Rib sign. Quickly becomes clear: not So healthy, to be like Cathy Hummels pretending to be, she probably for a long time.

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