be good for Actually a hand cream Yes, the skin in this product, but it can happen exactly the opposite! The manufacturer will call you back due to the risk of infection.

In a number of Norma-branches of the “Elcurina was sold Intensive hand cream with Shea butter & Allantoin”. The manufacturer will return to the hand cream now. Reason for the recall* bacteria are.

The manufacturer calls the “Elcurina Intensive hand cream with Shea butter & Allantoin” . As the Heinrich Hager GmbH & Co told, is called back to the hand cream with the batch number 00760. Reason bacteria. In the context of a micro-biological self-monitoring, it was established in products, the batch number, in isolated cases, an increased number of bacteria of the type “Pluralibacter gergoviae” . This can lead to damaged skin, infection or irritation, such as product reported.

manufacturers back calls hand cream: was sold in a number of Norma-branches

hand cream was sold in Norma stores . Affected are the following provinces:

Bavaria Baden-Württemberg Berlin Brandenburg Hesse lower Saxony Saxony-Anhalt Thuringia. + Hand cream recalled: Bacterial infection is a danger – germs are often resistant to antibiotics©Screenshot product

It is not rare that a recall is pulling defective products off the road. The most common causes can be clearly traced.*

hand cream-callback (Norma): Bacterial infections could threaten

customers will have the cream at home, are not asked to use them. You can return the product without a receipt back and get a full refund.

The bacteria are everywhere in the environment, they could, however, result in health, debilitated people, or in the case of existing skin lesions to a bacterial infection.

Federal Institute warns of bacteria in hand cream: germs often writes against antibiotic resistant

The Federal Institute for risk assessment (BfI) : “It is assumed that most of the bacteria are rinsed off when you Rinse the shower gels from the skin as well infection through broken skin or sensitive mucous membrane areas is possible.

bacteria of the type Pluralibacter gergoviae are present everywhere in the environment. You can result in a health-compromised people, or people after a surgical procedure occasionally, to serious bacterial infections.“ And adds: “These germs are often resistant to antibiotics, which complicates treatment.”

KATWARN-warning: cut cheese called back. The consumption can be especially for Pregnant women dangerous.

dog snack recall in the case of Edeka: especially for Mr Chen and Mrs Chen is a great danger.

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