Both the students and the leadership at the School by the Sound in Copenhagen was Friday morning at the Aula ‘a mysterious message from a student about a bomb threat at the school’.

It shows a message, as the principal Johnnie Damgaard Pedersen has sent out to parents with children at the school on Amager.

TV 2 Lorry is in possession of a screenshot of the message.

the Aula has in several places replaced SkoleIntra as a communication platform between the school and the parents.

Copenhagen Police confirms to TV 2 Lorry, that there has been a bomb threat against the school.

“There has come something in the Aula. We have dealt with it and been in contact with the school principal out there. We are not and have not been present, but we are investigating the case,” says vagtchef Kristian Rohdin for TV 2 Lorry.

TV 2 Lorry has on Friday morning and several times tried to get comment from the school principal Johnnie Damgaard Pedersen, but it has not been possible.

the School’s office neither can nor will confirm the opposite, TV 2 Lorry, whether they have received a bomb threat Celtabet via the Aula.

the Copenhagen Children and Ungdomsforvaltning confirms, however, that they have been informed of a bomb threat at the School by the Sound.

In the Aula-the message to the parents writes Johnni Damgaard Pedersen:

‘the Management is in contact with both police and management. The police see no immediate cause for concern, since we are the the 9. school, who is a victim of this, where the Aula has been “hacked”.’

the school Principal whereas, in the last week several places west of the great belt have been receiving bomb threats against schools via the Aula.

Copenhagen Police informs to the TV 2 Lorry, that one’, of course, is to pay attention to whether there is a correlation with the cases from the rest of the country.

Politikredsen share information with other police districts, and there is a ‘dialogue between the police districts about, how we deal with it’, informs politikredsen.

In the course of Thursday and Friday, there’s been bomb threats against two schools, writes tv2 East on Friday morning.

It applies Gåsetårnsskolens department Islinge in Vordingborg and Nysted School on the island of Lolland. The police estimate that there is a slapstick joke, with the schools ‘ internal web sites have been hacked.