Borussia Dortmund runs in the Bundesliga-hit against FC Bayern with other Jersey – it’s the logo of the sponsor.

Borussia Dortmund receives the FC Bayern München * at the top of the Bundesliga *. The player of the BVB to bear against the record Champions a Jersey with new sponsors-print. the Medox belongs to the group of companies of the main sponsor, Evonik .

Munich/Dortmund – well, what is there on the Jersey from Borussia Dortmund ?

many a Fan of Westphalia in the Bundesliga match of Borussia Dortmund against FC Bayern this Tuesday (18.30, Live coverage)* take a really close look.

Borussia Jersey: Against FC Bayern is the Name Medox is on it

this is Because: On the Jersey of the tables-the Second, this time we are not Evonik on it, the Name of the main sponsor, and the energy giant. Instead of lettering Medox to read on the black-and-yellow Dress.

: Only in the match against Bayern and the Borussia in a prominent place to advertise the dietary supplements from Scandinavian bilberries and Black currants.

Suitable to be seen on the advertisements, such as in the case of Social Media, the Norwegian super striker Erling Haaland , and next world champion Mats Hummels , and the injured captain of the Marco Reus* . the Medox , a subsidiary of the company (product) from Evonik .

Borussia Jersey: Medox is a subsidiary of the main sponsor Evonik

it was Only in February of the specialty chemicals group had sold a portion of its shares of Borussia Dortmund . The energy group is involved with an estimated ten percent of the shares on the BVB.

The company food for years, Sponsor on the Jersey of Westphalia – is flanked on the chest of the player, but soon.

So, the telecoms company, 1&1, a increases from season 2020/21 as the second main sponsor on the Dortmund Jersey – and should pay for it according to sports buzzer between twelve and 15 million euros per season.

BVB versus FC Bayern: Borussia Dortmund advertises on the Jersey for Medox

Against Bayern (Live Stream)* is this Tuesday evening at the firecracker of the Bundesliga the German championship, however, only the Name Medox on the Dress of the Dortmund Stars.


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