Police found 14 weapons and 300 pieces of ammunition as well as three kilos of cocaine in north zealand villa.

the Two men sentenced respectively to ten and nine years in prison for having had an armoury in a villa in the Burlington in the north of Zealand.

It has a jury Tuesday decided in the Court in Hillerød, informs the prosecutor Rasmus von Stamm.

the Men’s warehouse consisted among other things of 12 gaspistoler, which was transformed, so that they appeared as guns brand Glock 25 and be able to shoot with sharp, like they were inside with a Smith & Wesson-revolver and a Ruger-revolver.

in addition police found 300 pieces of ammunition. All were stored in the villa in Burlington.

in Addition, the 42-year-old, who was sentenced to ten years in prison, also in possession of three kilos of cocaine, which police found in the villa.

The 39-year-old is not known to be guilty of possession of narkoen, however, to have been transferred to it.

in Addition, saved the 42-year-old on a large stock of designer furniture, as a prosecutor, Rasmus von Stamm would have confiscated, but it rejected the right.

the Police found, inter alia, forward to the chairs the Egg and the Swan designed by Arne Jacobsen, Hans J. Wegner’s Wing Chair and a elipsebord designed by Piet Hein, as they searched the residence.

It was in the first place designer furniture radiate, which revealed the two men’s armoury.

Police raided the villa 10. January 2019, since you got a tip about the sale of designer furnishings from the property.

When the police arrived, ran the 42-year-old out through the back door with a duffel bag containing the guns, the ammunition and the cocaine, after which he threw it over the hedge to the neighbor, before he was arrested.

It only took until the 39-year-old 10. may by means of dna-tracks, which the police found on one of the gaspistolerne.

the Men have been in custody since the arrests.

the Case has been with the special committee on Special Investigations to the East (SEØ). SEØ are working to unravel the organised and cross border crime.

The 39-year-old appealed against the judgment on the spot, while the 42-year-old asked for time for reflection. There is still navneforbud in the case.