Ann-Kathrin and Mario Götz are in the Baby-luck. On Instagram she shares the first photo of your Little one. Cathy Hummels congratulates and caught my foot in a fat.

Ann-Kathrin and Mario Götze offers on the birth of their first son . The Influencerin post a sugar-sweet Detail of the little Rome on Instagram* . It is now a great Similarity.

Update from the 9. June, 21.25 PM: The Baby-luck of Mario Götze and his wife Ann-Kathrin is just four days old, bears the name of Rome and charms now friends and Fans. The new mom , this namely your Instagram Account, on getting to Know your new addition to the family part. After you shared the beautiful message of the birth of her son with the photo of his sweet baby hand, delighted in her latest Instagram Story with another cute Detail: she posts a Video of his mini small baby feet and finds a great Similarity: “His little toes look just like the Mario”, and posted it. Well, if it changes later, no nimble football feet.

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Ann-Kathrin Götze post Baby photo: Cathy Hummels congratulates and reaping the Shitstorm

Our article on the 9. June 2020:

Dortmund Ann-Kathrin and Mario Götze are incredibly happy. The two new parents will enjoy the birth of a son, RoSme . On Friday (5. June) came the little football offspring to the world, and shortly thereafter, mom and dad shared very proud of the first photo .

The tiny baby’s hand, the Instagram Followers of Ann-Kathrin and Mario delight in equal measure. Also, several celebrities congratulate. In the BVB-Star are, of course, almost all of the colleagues from Dortmund and the Bundesliga*. But including celebrities such as Kai plum* mix. The former companions from Munich there are of course nice words.

Ann-Kathrin and Mario Götze, the Baby-luck: friends and celebrities congratulate on birth of a son, Rome

Ann-Kathrin get the Instagram-congratulations mainly of Influencers-colleagues. Stars and starlets may not be missing here. Among other things, Ex-GNTM*-winner Barbara Meier (expected of a child*), pop Star and former American idol judge* Vanessa may or Stefanie Giesinger , the crack of her Fans recently with their change almost from the stool, you will be pleased with the 30-Year-old.

of Course Cathy Hummels reports under the photo of idol-son of Rome . You with your comment but, unfortunately, for a vast Echo. Once again, you get a Shitstorm on Instagram, most recently, she was advised because of their travel, often in the criticism. What the Fans will accept you this time, evil?

Cathy Hummels congratulates Ann-Kathrin Götze and reaps directly Shitstorm

“congratulations, you three,” writes Cathy, ” you guys are the BEST! “ let the User not long stand. “ girl? “, it sounds back promptly go viral. It doesn’t matter whether the child is a Boy or a girl, in any case, it is a joyous miracle, the unanimous opinion of the Fans. Some of them have since been wild speculations about the Hummels-comment .

check out this post on Instagram to <p style=" margin:8px 0 0 0; padding:0 4px;"Our son Rome was born on June 5th, We are more than blessed & Rome is doing good

A post shared by ANN-KATHRIN GÖTZE (@annkathringotze) on Jun 8, 2020 at 9:15 am PDT

“you must remember that a son , not to forget you”, says one, that you want to put something in the center would have. “Because guys will earn later time at Bayern to play* , a lot of money and then a woman like you get”, is a conceptually much more.

Cathy Hummels: Instagram User once again pissed off – “truffle pig for fat cells”

Many Users are upset, but not about the words of Cathy Hummels . Rather, they show little surprised. “ creating’s also always, somehow, the Hummels “, twisted a Userin the eyes. “ Jeeedes time an own goal “, groans another. Another image: “ Cathy Hummels is well, like a truffle pig for fat. “ There is not a User, to defend the Influencerin, as bad as the record was now also again, to remember you.

Baby plans, however, the singer Sarah Lombardi and reveals the private Details.

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