The 29-year-old man Thursday afternoon in the Court in Odense was remanded in custody after the Police Intelligence big antiterroraktion, is apparently not just anyone.

B. T. can reveal that he is employed in a company that works with advanced protection solutions.

Protection as, for example, armour.

the Company delivers according to B. T.’s information equipment for the use of, among other things the Defence and the police.

The defendants were – as the only one of the total of nine persons, who sat in front of a judge in grundlovsforhør in terrorsagen – made for the so-called double closed doors.

It means that the public must not know what he is charged with.

on Wednesday, he was just a few kilometres from his home on the north island of Funen arrested on the way to work.

And it was by all accounts a dramatic arrest. B. T. found Thursday night on a little dirt road the man’s car left with a broken side window and broken glass scattered throughout the cabin.

the Police has confirmed the arrest and now the remand of the man connected to the case, where the PET, in cooperation with seven of the country’s 12 police districts hit in a tightly coordinated action.

a total Of 21 people were arrested across the country within a time frame of just a few minutes.

Of those arrested chose the prosecution to produce nine in grundlovsforhør.

The 29-year-old man is the only one which was produced in a court of law away from the capital.

The other eight were in grundlovsforhør in the Copenhagen city Court.

B. T. has spoken with the director in the vestfynske business, where the 29-year-old is employed. A company that is surrounded by the striking and massive security measures.

“No comment,” says the director.