“Hard but fair”: A productive exchange about teaching in times of Corona was impossible platitudes by Plasbergs.

Frank Plasberg speaks with his guests in the ARD*-Talk tough but fair on the Corona-crisis* this Time it came to the topic of “parents and children last – the Failure of the schools in Corona?” An exciting question is no time at the end of

“women and children first!” is the code of conduct, according to the women and children in dangerous situations, first of all, must be saved. This may not apply to sinking ships, but in the Corona-crisis , has been in the last few weeks and months more clearly. Accordingly, the current episode of the talk show still “tough but fair” (ARD) by Frank Plasberg under the Motto “parents and children last – the Failure of the schools in Corona?”

ARD Talk show “Hart Aber fair” with Frank Plasberg among his guests

The question of what the schools need in the current Situation, however, was quick by the taunts of the presenter drowns out breaks several times. Well, in the interests of controversy, brought Frank Plasberg the keyword “long weekend” into the game. The indignation about the fact that many teachers have made the past long weekend according to sky travel freely, instead of continuing to teach, took Plasberg several times on the occasion of his guests to interrupt.

played illustrated reviews of different parents in crisis, how bad the Online lessons in Parts . The realization that the quality of teaching is highly dependent on the commitment of individual teachers, then led to a doomed discussion on the question of the civil service and supposedly unjust privileges of teachers .

“It’s not about all teachers, but it makes a difference whether you are qualified or whether you have to fear for his job,” the “tough but fair”Moderator. A productive exchange about teaching in times of Corona , and perspectives on the time after that, were rendered impossible by Plasbergs platitudes around the officialdom . There will also be a slide-in was “Please don’t, as a teacher-Bashing to understand” no difference.

ARD Talk show “Hart Aber fair”: pent-up demand in terms of digitalization in the schools

“It solutions that really work in the long term,” gave Collien Ulmen-Fernandez to bear in mind. While family Minister Franziska Giffey called, therefore, to a possible rapid drop in for as many pupils as possible, made Verena Pausder of the “Digital education for all e. V.” the pent-up demand in terms of digitisation significantly. “There is no school was prepared for this unannounced class work”, so Pausder.

the digitization it could not, however, simply a means to provide students with the technical means available. You would also need to learn to use them properly, so they can have an added value. the Minister for family Affairs, Giffey agreed with her on this issue: “This crisis can now be a real Chance”.

“pour Hard but fair,”Moderator Frank Plasberg unnecessary fuel to the fire

“Hard but fair”, ARD, Monday, 25. May, 21 At. Library

In a subsequent start-up Plasbergs, unnecessarily fuel to the discussion fire, to pour in , he recorded the statement of the SPD-politician Jörg Steinbach , in the Corona-crisis parents finally have the opportunity for their children to get to know. “Not while there’s a grain of truth?”, quipped Plasberg.

This sentence can only come from a man, and so the debate came at a “tough but fair” and then finally to the load in the Corona-crisis. Because it’s not the parents who care for their children, but the mothers are usually.

Open-ended question in the “Hard but fair”: What the fathers of the children do?

This role distribution has worsened in the Corona-crisis yet again drastically. the Franziska Giffey stressed, therefore, how important it was to the care of the children in the long term, expand. The compatibility of family and profession, working only if the public child-care functioning.

So honorable and correct this statement, you could make a change, ask, what are actually the fathers of the children . For information, the men present in the round that was missing then but the time.

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