Wife saved medicine, among others, in fromage to beat the man to death, it sounds in the judgment of the Court of Sønderborg.

A 65-year-old woman is on Tuesday at the Court in Sønderborg, has been sentenced to seven years in prison for the attempted murder of his 74-year-old man.

The typing of JydskeVestkysten.

the Woman called Renate Christa Bach, is condemned for having tried to beat the man to death by giving him strong medicine, while he is in a period of time was a patient in several hospitals.

the Drug was the muscle relaxant Baclofen. The doses were so strong, that the man several times went into a coma and was in mortal danger, according to the indictment.

the Works lasted from July 2018 to september of the same year in connection with the man’s admissions at the Hospital in Sønderborg, Odense university Hospital and Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen.

JydskeVestkysten writes that it came to pass, when Renate Christa Bach visited her husband. Here brought she often desserts as jordbærgrød, Dr. Oetkers frugtfromage or cake. The man is very fond of desserts and other sweets.

Baclofen is according to the Danish Drug Information a substance that affects the central nervous system by inhibiting the impulses that go from the muscles to the brain. It is used, among other things, spastic conditions.

the Woman was arrested shortly before christmas and has been in custody since. She has denied guilty to the charges of attempted murder.

According to JydskeVestkysten has her defender also stressed that there has been no motive in the case.

– I will say that I love my husband high, so why would I do that, said the woman, according to the newspaper last week.

By the judgment on Tuesday responded her spouse, not much on the decision, while the couple’s two children – a daughter at 41 years and a son at 46 was clearly affected, and wept.

JydskeVestkysten writes that the couple has been married for 45 years.

the Woman has appealed against the judgment on the spot.