The Gangster-Rapper of the 187 street gang are loyal to your friends – far beyond death. On the occasion of the death of the Hamburg legend Yemi Akinsaya, some members participate in a funeral March through the city of Hamburg.

funeral March for Hip-Hop legend : 187er Gzuz * with it. the Condolences for Yemi Akinsaya is paralyzing Hamburg * traffic . the 300 persons , two hours: honor to whom honour is due.

Hamburg Hamburger Gangster-Rapper of 187 street gang for your loyalty to friends. Regardless of whether this enjoy good health or are already no longer the land of the Living. This is what happened in the case of Yemi Akinsaya , a pioneer of rap music in the Hanseatic city , the around two weeks ago, his cancer succumbed to. To honor him properly, was initiated by a funeral March by Hamburg . With the 187er Gzuz and Sa4 .

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187 street gang: German rapper Gzuz and Sa4 trusted Hamburger legend Yemi Akinsaya with a funeral March through the Hanseatic city

There are moving images from Hamburg on Tuesday, 16. June 2020 arise. After the 42-year-old Yemi Akinsaya at Whitsun week, had succumbed to the end his cancer suffering, the Hip Hop pioneer from the Hanseatic city of Its dignity, and respect fully adopted. the Akinsaya was added on Tuesday in the private circle, but not as they are, the friends of the former social worker to arrange a funeral March for him.

+ “We mourn the loss of Yemi”: The socio-cultural centre house of three is a reminder of his long-term employees, the Hip-Hop pioneer and social worker Yemi Akinsaya.©Hamburger Abendblatt

this is the 187 street gang Rapper Gzuz and Sa4 took part in – and held on to the emotional Events on Video. To hear clearly is, that countless people recall the name of the Hamburg legend . Specifically for this special type of Condolences roads were blocked, making the importance of of Akinsayas once again is highlighted.

The social worker was especially true of many young people as a trustworthy person . “For the young people, he was a friend, Advisor and role model,” it says on the part “ home three ” by Akinsaya . The Altona cultural center , the site of the 42-Year-old who is immensely for the interests of adolescents interested and started. was From there, the funeral March , led the Participants in compliance with the Coronavirus-Sars-Cov-2 *rules Ottensen was launched.

Peaceful Condolence: last respects for German rapper Yemi Akinsaya

the Max-Brauer-Allee and other roads were blocked. According to police information there was “significant traffic “. This will have been approximately 300 persons strong mourners regardless of who chanted on their way to the fisherman’s Park again and again, clamoring for the name Akinsayas . After two hours, the train broke up peacefully.

On Facebook and Instagram can now be found all sorts of Videos that show the funeral March and on the relevance of the social worker to point out. the Akinsaya was not only street worker , but also as a rapper “ Hans blast ” a name. In conjunction with the Altona band “ Hamburger Hill ” he made a Video with Star-Director Fatih Akin in Ottensen is alive and already with the German film award has been awarded.

And “ Altonale ” made Akinsaya deserves. For more than ten years, he organized the largest North German district and culture the Boogie Down Stage . “Yemi’s Line Ups were just as legendary as the mood in front of the stage”, is available on the “Altonale”-Homepage . The “ home three ” in the hospital road 107 has created a commemorative space for Yemi Akinsaya . In this from Monday to Thursday, between 10 and 18 o’clock on the individual way farewell taken.

187 street gang: German rapper Gzuz and Sa4 as role models, Maxwell disappointed and will have to cough up

“He has always been wholeheartedly for the interests of his boys and will be appreciated, therefore, of countless young people in Altona and revered. As well as in the outreach social work with young people, he was in the Sport and in the music scene is active and popular,“ the socio-cultural center to Altona-Altstadt know. the Akinsaya brought young people from the street, organized all kinds of activities for you and was a constant contact person .

Not least because of its Hip Hop Background he is also from the German rappers Gzuz and Sa4 honored. The two of 187 street gang members to fall in a positive manner. To the contrary, the can Maxwell say Joint Smoking and fine from 20.000 Euro condemned buddy * the Hamburger Gangster-Rapper . Any Boss Bonez MC * needs to whip out his checkbook to pay the alleged Peanuts. In comparison to the € 100,000 , beefcake Kollegah to RTL2-Stars die Geissens ” will have to cough up*, the financial sanction for the 187er , in fact, very low.

Meanwhile, has set itself but also 187 street gang-Boss Bonez MC with the death apart. In his own way, the Hamburg an emotional Instagram-Statement , in which he divorced the early Then ponders published. His key message : “The death can be a scandal , but as fair as he only*”. // Source:

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