A 14-infected Years with the Coronavirus. The infection was of the struggle for Survival, a New York Teenager.

14 Year old survived a persistent and probably life-threatening Corona-infection . Doctors a enigmatic disease , which could be related to the Coronavirus in connection. Here you will find the basic facts to the Coronavirus* and the Corona-News from Germany. Also you can find here a variety of current case numbers in Germany, as a card*.

New York – In the USA the Coronavirus polarized currently, as a second topic, large parts of the population see the government’s actions critically. A 14-year-old New York recovered only extremely difficult from a Coronavirus infection, and shows that the Virus life in children and adolescents threat can be. In an Interview with the news channel CNN and the New York Times newspaper, the Teenager, Jack McMorrow his heavy disease progression reported .

Coronavirus: 14-Year-old severe course of the disease explains the pain, such as electricity or fire “

Jack started, everything was” in the middle of April, when for the first time symptoms of* were encountered such as slight fever and rashes on the hands. Jack admitted, “we’ve dismissed it”. He thought that he had disinfected to your hands frequently*. However, in the following days, it was the 14-Year-old increasingly worse. the Other symptoms* , felt the effects, including Nausea, a swollen throat, dry cough, and a metallic taste. Then his parents went to even a emergency clinic .

Even worse, it came one Morning, as Jack’s fever so greatly increase, that he “ move nothing more could”. Compared to the CNN, he said that he felt pain when the other moved his limbs. “The only way I could describe it, is that it is almost like electricity, or fire felt that flowed through my veins.” In the newspaper, he compared the pain with a “in a throbbing, sharp noise,” he can feel had, “as he flowed through the veins, and it was almost as if someone had injected a fire.” His doctor later said about him, “he would definitely die.”

Coronavirus: 14-year-old New Yorker with a mysterious disease – these triggers heart failure

the reason for The severe course of the disease of the young, a mysterious inflammatory disease in children, which was particularly observed in the Corona of a crisis often was probably. Doctors speak of the pediatric inflammatory multi-system syndrome, abbreviated MIS C. experts suggest an Overreaction of the immune system to offer on the Virus, instead of the protective body, the immune system attacks the organs and tissues.

In the case of Jack, this had a fatal . With a strong fever, swollen lymph nodes and an elevated heartbeat, low blood pressure, he was finally in a hospital in. The heart tried the Doctors say, the low blood pressure to compensate, which is why Jack’s resting heart rate was 165 beats per Minute. In the hospital, a Form of heart failure was found, which is referred to as cardiac shock , as Steven Kernie, Director of the pediatric reported of intensive care medicine of the hospital, the New York Times.

Days Jack was treated, the administration of steroid helped Jack in the end he recovered. Doctors can not exclude the possibility that he had heart worn valves, cracks, and a residual inflammation of the heart, but you assume that this to heal by itself. The New Yorker is now back home and says, “I just want to make more out of my life, now that I have it .”

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