According to current statistics, over 3.7 million people in Germany own a motorcycle (over 125 cubic centimeters, cc) – and the trend is rising. From spring to late autumn you can usually see and hear the vehicles on country roads and motorways. After all, short and long trips are easily possible with a two-wheeler. In unknown terrain, the smartphone is used to safely navigate the vehicle to its destination. The question arises as to whether any mobile phone holder is suitable for motorcycles?

Whether for bicycles, cars or motorcycles: there are plenty of mobile phone holders for vehicles. To find out which model is best in terms of safety and comfort, Auto Bild magazine subjected ten different products (under 100 euros) to a practical test. It turned out that the Moto Bundle mobile phone holder from SP Connect was the most convincing with its patented “Twist-Lock” fastening technology. But why actually? Below you will find all the details that the test revealed:

The test motorcycle was a Moto Guzzi V7 II with tubular handlebars. After the different brackets had been mounted on the vehicle, it was necessary to find out to what extent the view of the cockpit was impaired while driving and how well the models react to vibrations – in other words, the main issue was the question of safety and stability. The cell phone holders were then subjected to a kind of simulated rain test to find out how the devices cope with drizzle and heavy rain.

According to Auto Bild, installing the SP Connect cell phone holder turned out to be more complicated than expected, but it was still manageable with the included instruction manual (note: it only consists of pictograms). “In return, the customer receives perfectly processed milled parts made of aluminum, no annoying burrs on the holders and a practical, high-quality crank lock for universal size adjustment of the cell phone holder,” is the magazine’s summary and adds: “When assembled thoroughly, the cell phone does not cover the cockpit and is located at the optimal distance from the driver. It was also rated positively that the motorcycle cell phone holder should be suitable for all common smartphones (and all standard/oversize handlebars). In addition, the manufacturer also offers waterproof covers for an additional charge – but only in a bundle.

And one more tip at the end: Other providers also offer secure cell phone holders for motorcycles, but they were not examined in this test. When purchasing, make sure that the installation is as stable and secure as possible. Factors such as a vibration damper and safety switch or even 360 degree rotation (as in this model) are also advantageous.

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