With the summer semester now beginning, many of the approximately three million students in Germany can use a discounted Germany ticket for 29.40 euros. It allows you to travel nationwide on local and regional buses and trains. But the decision by the federal and state governments at the start of the semester is not implemented everywhere. Some universities don’t participate at all.

Hamburg, Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate

In Hamburg and Hesse, students can use the discounted Deutschlandticket at the start of the summer semester; at universities with an earlier semester start since March 1st, at others from April 1st. Instead of the regular 49 euros, you only pay 29.60 euros. In Rhineland-Palatinate, the Deutschlandticket for students will initially start in Mainz and Trier in the summer semester, with Koblenz to follow in the winter semester.

NRW, Berlin and Saxony

With the change of semester, most universities in North Rhine-Westphalia, Berlin and Saxony are also switching from the previous semester ticket to the discounted Germany ticket. In North Rhine-Westphalia, this applies to the universities of Cologne, Düsseldorf, Münster, Bochum, Duisburg-Essen and Bonn, the TU Dortmund as well as the universities in Aachen and Bielefeld. More are to follow in the winter semester. Unlike the Deutschlandticket, the previous semester ticket was not valid nationwide, but only in the respective transport association.

Saxony-Anhalt and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

In Saxony-Anhalt, the new Germany ticket is initially only available in Halle and Merseburg. In the state capital Magdeburg, however, the results of a survey among students are awaited. The new ticket could not be introduced there until the coming winter semester at the earliest. In Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, only the University of Rostock is taking part. The University of Greifswald and the universities of Stralsund and Neubrandenburg have decided against the ticket.

Lower Saxony, Saarland and Thuringia

In Lower Saxony, Saarland and Thuringia, the Germany ticket for students will not be available until the winter semester. The Central Thuringia Transport Association said that the start of the 2024 summer semester envisaged by the federal and state governments was unrealistic from the outset. In addition, the conference of the Thuringian student bodies points out, smaller university locations could probably do without, while an introduction at the large university locations Erfurt and Jena is likely.

Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg

Bavaria continues to go its own way with the “Bavarian reduction ticket” for 29 euros per month, which students have also been able to use since September. In addition to students, trainees and volunteers can also use it. The “D-Ticket JugendBW” has been available in Baden-Württemberg since December for 365 euros per year. Like the Deutschlandticket, both tickets entitle you to use local buses and trains nationwide.

Last November, the federal and state governments agreed on the nationwide introduction of the discounted Deutschlandticket for students for 29.40 euros for the summer semester. The universities and their student bodies must make appropriate agreements with the transport companies.