Federal Transport Minister Volker Wissing wants better conditions for cyclists in view of more electric bicycles on the roads. “Due to the new ranges that can be achieved with the electrification of bicycles, we also need new transport infrastructure,” he said at a meeting with his counterparts from other EU countries in Brussels. Transport infrastructure for cyclists includes, for example, cycle paths or parking spaces.

Wissing also said it was important to strengthen the railway and emphasized that young people would continue to get driving licenses. Cars will continue to be used in the future. He made it clear that road traffic must emit fewer greenhouse gases more quickly. To this end, he once again urged that so-called e-fuels should also be given greater consideration.

With synthetic fuels, cars with combustion engines can theoretically be operated in a climate-neutral manner. E-fuels for cars have also come under criticism because experts say they are needed more urgently in shipping and aviation. In addition, producing these fuels is relatively energy-intensive.

Wissing said: “We need fuels like this.” That’s why Germany is organizing an international e-fuels conference again this year. The fuels would also have to be established and certified as international trading goods. “We need a variety of drives in order to make faster progress in decarbonizing transport.”