Despite the partial legalization of cannabis, most German hardware stores initially do not want to include cannabis plants or corresponding seeds in their range. The chains Obi, Toom and Hornbach responded to dpa’s request unanimously that the partial legalization would have no impact on their product range.

Bauhaus still wants to examine the sale: “In addition to legal and moral aspects, this also involves issues such as limited quantities of seeds or the classification of cannabis plants as cultivated plants that can be sold freely and legally,” the company said. Whether practical solutions can be found will have an impact on the decision – as will the extent of customer demand.

The new cannabis law, which comes into force on Easter Monday, allows the possession of up to 25 grams of dried plant material for personal consumption, which can also be carried in public spaces. You can store up to 50 grams in your private apartment. Three plants can also be grown there at the same time. Seeds, plants and harvested cannabis must be protected against theft and access by children – for example with lockable cupboards and rooms.