Plus Ultra will have to testify as a defendant in the court of instruction No. 15 in Madrid. The judge investigating the airline for alleged irregularities in the receipt of a public aid of 53 million euros, Esperanza Collazos, has summoned the company’s legal representative to declare as investigated. An appointment that will take place on June 15, as indicated by the providence that Vozpópuli has advanced and to which this newspaper has had access.

In this way, the investigating judge gives continuity to the case opened to the company after the conclusions presented in the confrontation of experts on March 29. A meeting in which the independent experts assured that part of the subsidy granted by the Executive to Plus Ultra was used for a payment made to Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) as soon as it received the aid.

The expert report commissioned by Judge Collazos also questioned compliance with Plus Ultra’s viability plan for the coming years, a fundamental part of receiving the 53 million from the SEPI fund. Specifically, the report prepared by the experts at the Martín Molina firm questioned this compliance because the company “projects a significant increase in the revenue figure, by multiplying by 2.15 the reported revenue figure for the 2019 financial year in parallel to the projection of significant reductions in its main reported costs.

For their part, the experts from Deloitte and DC Advisor (those who issued two of the key reports to rescue the airline) explained that it was a payment to a supplier, in addition to maintaining that the company met all the conditions to receive the financial support.