According to a survey, when it comes to energy supply, people in Germany place particular emphasis on security. 61 percent of those surveyed see the security of supply as the top priority when it comes to energy supply. This is the result of a survey for the energy report by the auditing and consulting company EY. In a previous EY survey in March, it was 45 percent.

Environmental and climate protection, on the other hand, has gained in importance. With 25 percent he ended up in second place. This corresponds to an increase of eight percentage points compared to the March survey. The price, on the other hand, has slipped in the priority setting. For only 14 percent of those surveyed, this was the most important. In March, cheap prices were still in second place with 38 percent. For the representative survey, EY asked around 1,000 people about the energy crisis in May.

Almost everyone expects rising heating costs

The price has lost its importance in setting priorities. However, only a third of those surveyed assume that energy prices will remain affordable – as many as 85 percent of those surveyed expect heating costs to rise as a result of the heat transition. 70 percent of those surveyed reject binding requirements to ban oil and gas heating. Just as many would not be willing to bear the costs of a mandatory replacement of their heating system.

“People are aware of the importance of the energy and heat transition, and there is acceptance of renewable energies. This is shown, among other things, by the fact that environmental and climate protection has gained priority for the first time since the energy crisis,” said Andreas Siebel, Head of the energy and raw materials sector at EY. But it also becomes clear that there are limits to willingness. “When it comes to your own wallet when replacing the heating system, the population does not want to be left alone with the costs and expects support from politicians”.