In view of the price explosion in supermarkets and discounters, according to a survey, the vast majority of people in Germany are now also in favor of government intervention in food prices.

“Customers experience the price increase in food as so serious that they want to use all means to be able to shop cheaper again,” said retail expert Vanessa Seip from the Oliver Wyman management consultancy, summing up the result of a representative survey of 1,000 consumers in Germany together.

91 percent of those questioned spoke out in favor of government interventions such as statutory price caps or subsidies for food. Only 9 percent believed the government should stay out of pricing.

Tank discount and gas price brake

Possibly inspired by the fuel discount and the gas price brake, around half of those surveyed supported an upper limit for price increases depending on the product group. A third of those questioned saw the government’s price cap for an average shopping basket as the solution. At least ten percent would still think it would be right if canteen food were subsidized by the state.

In 2020, 79 percent of all consumers still rated the performance of the retail trade as good or very good, but the value slipped to 36 percent within two years. According to the survey, 18 percent already consider the performance of retail to be insufficient or weak. “Unlike in the corona crisis, when consumers gave their dealers and their protection concepts good marks, they feel left alone in times of inflation,” said Seip.